Remember a Motorola Razr? A new news says it’s entrance behind as a foldable $1,500 phone

Remember a Motorola Razr from a early 2000s? Motorola’s super-thin, metallic flip phone that was a “it” phone before a iPhone and Galaxy started a smartphone revolution. 

Well, if a new news is to be believed, it will shortly be creation a comeback. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo, that owns a Motorola code after shopping it from Google in 2014, skeleton to move behind a Razr as a new phone with a foldable screen.

While additional sum on a phone, such as a shade distance or if it will have support for 5G, sojourn unknown, a Journal says that Lenovo is operative with Verizon to recover a phone, presumably as shortly as subsequent month.

The news also says that a phone will start during $1,500, putting on a sky-high cost on a unconventional bit of nostalgia. 

When asked to endorse if a Razr was creation a quip by USA TODAY, Motorola responded with a video depicting a “shrug” emoticon, ¯_(ツ)_/¯,  and a company’s logo. 

Prior to a iPhone and Galaxy, a Motorola Razr was the phone to buy among flip phones. Initially expelled in 2004 as a Razr V3, a line set off a new trend for super-thin, stylish phones. The phone was so renouned that Motorola sole some-more than 130 million units in 4 years, according to Bloomberg

While a use of a foldable shade would be nostalgic, this isn’t a initial time Motorola or Verizon attempted to revive a Razr brand. The dual companies have partnered in a past on a array of skinny Droid Razr Android smartphones in 2011 and 2012, yet any of those inclination had traditional, non-folding displays. 

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February could be a large month for foldable phones. After initial previewing a foldable smartphone arrangement late final year Samsung is rumored to announce a new foldable phone during a subsequent Galaxy eventuality on Feb. 20. 

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