Reminder: Google Drive for Mac to be Replaced Mar 12

Late final year Google announced that Google Drive for Mac will end. The association stopped ancillary it on Dec 11, 2017 and it will close down totally on March 12, 2018. It’s being transposed with a new app called Backup and Sync.

Google Drive for Mac

If we already use a Google Drive app to behind adult certain things on your computer, we should already start saying messages to download Backup and Sync. If not, we can download it here. If you’re a G Suite customer, you’ll be removing a new apparatus called Drive File Stream.

Google Drive for Mac is being transposed with Backup and Sync, graphic here.

Backup and Sync will let we backup and sync photos and files from Mac folders, USB drives, and SD cards. This is opposite from Google Drive as that indispensable a apart app for files and photos. And instead of carrying a singular Drive folder, we can behind adult any folder we want. It substantially won’t impact we much, and it will make your backup resolution even some-more streamlined.

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