Report: Bitcoin Transaction Fees Fall to 2014 Levels

Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees are during new lows, according to a new news published by crypto and blockchain investigate organisation Diar on Feb. 11.

While BTC sell struck a one-year high in January, roughly reaching a levels purebred in 2017, a median sell value in BTC have reportedly dropped. BTC median fees have reportedly decreased to 2014 levels:

“Median Fees are also during levels not seen given 2015 notwithstanding a sum monthly Bitcoins changed on-chain station during aloft levels than seen via many of 2018.”

Last month, Diar reported that cryptocurrency exchanges sealed 2018 with “record transacting volumes,” where a total trade volume of U.S. dollar (USD) markets on vital United States crypto sell Coinbase reportedly increasing by 21 percent in 2018 contra 2017. Over a same period, exchanges Kraken and Bitfinex saw increases of 192 percent and 50 percent respectively.

However, final week Diar released a news saying that given a commencement of a year trade volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges dipped to new lows in Jan to levels not seen given 2017. The duration reportedly incited to be a misfortune for a world’s heading crypto sell by practiced trade volume, Binance, as a BTC/USD marketplace reduced by some-more than 40 percent in comparison to Dec 2018.

Also in January, a news by Diar revealed that a on-chain transaction value of Ethereum (ETH) strike an all time high in Dec 2018, reaching 115 million. Dair stated, “In terms of transaction count on-chain a ‘super computer’ has found fortitude given Oct bobbing between 16–17 million monthly transactions.”

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