Review: Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7.1 is an engaging mid-range device that HMD announced in Oct 2018 during a London event, orderly usually for this device. After a good success of Nokia 7 in China, a rest of a universe was seeking for a identical device, something that would be a bit softened than Nokia 6, yet still affordable. Nokia 7.1 came as an answer to all a sad meditative of Nokia fans around a world.  Actually, Nokia 7.1 is softened Nokia 6.1 Plus. That could be discouraging for many yet bear in mind that this indication has many facilities that are better, and come as a good surprise. we spent a lot of time with a device, to check if it is good as HMD said, and to see if I’ll get used to a scandalous notch. Without serve ado, let’s start with a review.


  • Nice design
  • Great build quality
  • Crisp and pointy display
  • Great loudspeaker
  • Notch



  • Slippery and fingerprint magnet
  • Snapdragon 636 bad choice for cost class
  • Camera not behaving well
  • Average battery life
  • Quick charging not so quick
  • Notch


Hardware specifications

  • Dimensions: 149.7 x 71.18 x 7.99 mm (9.14 mm with camera)
  • Mass: 160 g
  • Body: Aluminum frame, potion back, and front
  • Display: PureDisplay Full HD+ 5.84’’, 19:9 ratio, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 636
  • Memory: 32/64 + 3/4 GB LPPDDR4x
  • Camera: Primary – 12 MP 2PD/AF/f1.8/1.28um, second – 5 MP, BW/FF/f2.4/1.12um, Front – 8 MP FF/f2.0
  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm headphone jack, LTE Cat. 6, 300Mbps DL/50Mbps UL, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth® 5.0, GPS/AGPS+GLONASS, NFC, USB Type-C (USB 2.0)
  • Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer (G-sensor), E-compass, Gyroscope, Fingerprint Sensor (on a back)
  • Battery: 3060 mAh, 18W charger
  • OS: Android 9 Pie
  • Colors: Gloss Midnight Blue, Gloss Steel
  • Price: €299


In a box

Nokia 7.1 comes in a classical white box with a pattern of hands framed by a device. Interestingly, a box of Nokia 5.1 Plus looks utterly a same (also does a device?), solely a nick of 7.1 is clearly shown on a front and behind print on a box. Inside you’ll find Nokia 7.1 lonesome with a cosmetic foil, and subsequent to a device a box that contains 18W charger, 1m prolonged USB-C/USB cable, and plain and elementary Nokia WH-108 earphones. The SIM doorway pivotal is next a device, and it has a longer pin given a ejecting resource is a bit different. You won’t be means to use an aged pivotal supposing with some prior Nokia phones to open it. Manuals are translated on many languages (depending on a region) and are placed next a cradle where 7.1 sits.


I contingency say, we like a pattern of Nokia 7.1. HMD altered a pattern of a phones in 2018 and started regulating potion a lot on a midrange lineup. This is a bit unsure pierce given potion can be simply cracked and is a fingerprint magnet. Unfortunately, we did a few dump tests from scale tallness and luckily potion didn’t shatter, what was a relief.

The pattern is both classical Scandinavian with a hold of Fabula story that Nokia started with a Lumia series. You won’t find many things interrupting a lines of a device, usually a few cuts in a potion for a earpiece, fingerprint reader and one tab where a twin camera is placed. The front and a behind are flattering many a same with aluminum physique adhering out in between. The front of a device is stealing 5.8-inch shade that is blended nicely, given a polarization filter creates it roughly as black as comparatively skinny bezels. On a tip of a screen, there is a nick where a 8 MP wide-angle front-facing camera, earpiece, and vicinity and ambient light sensors are placed. The nick is not wide, that is good given that partial of a shade can be incited into a practical bezel where many of your notifications will be shown. There wasn’t any place for a Nokia logo, so it is now placed mainly during a bottom partial of a front surface, or during a chin. The Gorilla potion 3, that is safeguarding a front of a phone, is usually softly winding into a precisely cut aluminum frame. On a right side, there are volume control buttons and a power/lock symbol that are organisation and with a simply tangible click. By double dire a energy button, we start a camera app by default, and by clicking on volume down we take photos that is a good deputy for dedicated camera symbol Nokia phones used to have. The left side of a aluminum support usually binds a SIM/MicroSD label doors that open with a supposing pivotal that has a bit elongated pin. You won’t be means to open a SIM drawer with an aged pivotal given a resource is positioned differently, yet you’ll be means to use a new pivotal to open SIM doors of comparison (or other) Nokia smartphones.

On top, you’ll find twin receiver stripes. The left one is seperated with one of 3 microphones and a left one is seperated with 3.5 mm headphone jack. On a bottom, there is a same arrangement of antennas with a microphone hole during a left and twin opening of a singular orator on a right of mainly placed USB Type C jack. At a back, you’ll find an towering camera procedure that binds 5 MP depth-sensing camera, Zeiss logo, 12 MP categorical camera, and twin LED flash. One thing we didn’t like about a camera procedure is that both cameras were not centered, yet were a small bit off to a right. The camera procedure is accented with a steel ring that surrounds a Gorilla Glass 3 that is going to strengthen a cameras from scratches. The potion during a behind is not Gorilla 3, and after twin weeks a edges will be full of micro scratches that are not that simply seen. Below a camera procedure is a fingerprint reader that is operative nicely, yet it could be faster. Silverish Nokia trademark is placed in a center of a device, and it looks good underneath a glass. Android One trademark during a bottom is of a same tone as Nokia logo, while a calm next is a bit lighter and tells we a start of a device, HMD’s HQ address, and FCC number. Nokia 7.1 is a initial indication that came with a new residence of HMD’s headquarters.

Ergonomics, build quality

Nokia 7.1 has a utterly good feeling in hand. It is plain as a Nokia 6.1 yet afterwards again peaceful and comfortable as Nokia 5.1 Plus. It’s softly winding edges supplement firmness when we are holding it, and aluminum support gives a trust of cold metal. Even yet a phone is lonesome with glass, it is utterly volatile to a falls on tough surfaces. Unfortunately, we did a few dump tests when we would leave a phone on any kind of fabric and a phone would trip fast on a floor. That being mentioned, maybe a biggest smirch of a pattern is a phone is sleazy as hell. It is utterly tough to scheme with it, yet you’ll get used to it after a week. we would like to see silicon protecting box in a sell box given we pledge we that you’ll dump a phone during slightest twin times before removing used to doing it, and given a behind potion gets scratches easily.

I did repairs a aluminum support in twin places, yet there are no dents and scratches are minor. Most importantly, a shade didn’t mangle given of a smartly placed cosmetic ring that is surrounding a front and behind potion and acts as a aegis section between potion and aluminum frame. we would cite if HMD could find some other element to cover a behind given this device is a super magnet for fingerprints, and you’ll be cleaning it each time we get it in your hand. we was means to control a device by usually regulating my thumb. That also means that we will have to widen it from time to time, yet a scrolling by notifications over fingerprint scanned does come in handy.


The arrangement of Nokia 7.1 is one of a offered points. HMD used something identical to an aged arrangement record formerly seen on Nokia Lumia smartphones, indeed on Lumia 1520, that was called Assertive Display. HMD branded it now as PureDisplay. This record enables a 7.1’s shade to boldly adjust to ambient light condition, and to arrangement HDR photos and videos by doing a real-time SDR to HDR acclimatisation to make your photos and videos crisper and with transparent colors. The LCD shade has FullHD+ fortitude or 1080×2280 pixels that gives a firmness of approximately 432 PPI. It is 5.84” vast in diagonal, and it takes roughly 80% of a front surface. The shade is polarized by a special filter that is obliged for a good prominence underneath a splendid light. we had no difficulty reading a arrangement underneath splendid sunlight, and it can be low adequate when surfing before we go to sleep. The good thing is that we can use nightlight underline to reduce a blue light that LCD emits and assistance yourself tumble defunct sooner. Also, a shade was supersensitive given we could control it with nap (fabric) gloves on my hands.

Display has a thin, mainly positioned nick in a top finish that is a good fortitude given all a notifications and standing black are placed in a practical bezel. That approach a serviceable aspect of a shade is bigger, generally if we select to censor a notch. This choice is not simply found. It is dim in a developer options that you’ll substantially know how to enable. we unequivocally got used to a notch, and we wasn’t worried by it when it was hidden. The one thing we found discouraging with a nick is a dim shade that can be seen on a edges when a credentials is white and behind lighting during limit setting. If we are regulating a full bezel setup, afterwards we won’t be saying that issue.

HDR10 underline does make all a shade calm crisper and some-more vivid, yet a transition from SDR to HDR can be mostly seen as hue, and HMD programmers should ideal a record more.


Nokia’s truth was always about joining people, and HMD luckily continued that. Nokia 7.1 is a good device to get we connected, not usually to internet or BT device, yet with genuine people over GSM standard. Yes, 7.1 can do calls, and a peculiarity is great. The earpiece creates good sound, and a loudspeaker is also superb, not usually for review yet for listening to song too. It is one of a best speakers in a new Nokia lineup, and if we excellent balance it, we can get good drum tones also, not usually midst and high ones. BT worked fine, connected a device with several other devices, automobile radios yet any problems. we usually had difficulty joining over NFC to BT speaker, yet maybe there was a hardware emanate with a device we got for a test. Hard reset didn’t help.

I rest on WiFi networks a lot, and a WiFi radio achieved well, with no hiccups in connection. When vocalization of radios, GPS also worked good and 7.1 was rather discerning in removing position lock, even offline (just a GPS radio was active). The device is versed with a garland of sensors like light and vicinity sensors or accelerometer, and magnetometer that we can use also as a loyal digital compass.

Even yet Nokia devices, that are a partial of Android One club, have total high-quality photos storage, to safety a full fortitude of your photos, you’ll have to bond a device with your mechanism or some other kind of outmost storage device over USB OTG connection. You can simply bond Nokia 7.1 with your Windows PC yet any motorist installation, and a send rate is quick. One thing that worried me was a need to endorse a tie once we block in your device to PC. That means we will have to transparent your device, click a summary and usually afterwards start transferring your photos or videos.


Nokia attempted to stay on a smartphone marketplace by regulating Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and that didn’t work utterly well. HMD used Nokia’s devise B and went with Android, yet not any kind of Android. HMD used Google’s pristine Android OS and total usually twin additional apps, Camera and Support app. Nokia 7.1 is a partial of Android One bar what means that this device will be removing twin vast Android updates, and 3 years of confidence patches. This is utterly engaging for all a people that don’t wish to mystify their life with additional OEM options, and usually rest on what Google has prepared for them. If we confirm to buy Nokia 7.1, you’ll be removing Android Pie, many approaching right out of a box. The OS comes with all required apps, and all else we competence need is on Google Play store or APK mirror.

This device doesn’t have Glance screen, yet it does have Ambient arrangement that wakes adult a shade when new notifications are available. Also, we can check a time when we lift your phone adult or have a time constantly on while we are charging a phone.

Another thing we like with this OS and Nokia 7.1 is that we can transparent it in 3 opposite ways, buy double drumming a screen, dire a transparent symbol or scanning your fingerprint during a behind of a device. Another good hold is a ability to corkscrew among notifications by regulating a fingerprint reader. That approach we can unequivocally be regulating a device with usually one hand.


Nokia 7 (2018) was a good device given it was fundamentally softened Nokia 6 (2017) with Zeiss lenses. When HMD announced 7.1 for a tellurian market, we approaching to see a smaller Nokia 7 Plus. Maybe HMD designed to do that, yet Nokia 7.1 came with weaker Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 that is not as discerning as Snapdragon 660 seen in Nokia 7 Plus. Snapdragon 636 has 8 cores, 4 of them are clocked on 1.80 GHz, and another 4 that are clocked on 1.61 GHz. Choice of a processor is my second vast censure about a device that now costs some-more than Nokia 7 Plus. Anyway, it is not that slow, and is positively faster than your aged Nokia 6 (2017) and inline with Nokia 7. This Nokia 7.1 has 3GB of DDR4 RAM that is adequate for good peculiarity multitasking, and there won’t be any problems with that. we found it a bit slowish when opening games like Subway Surfers or my favorite Angry Birds 😊. After 15 mins of personification games, a device would get a bit hot, yet zero compared to a Nokia 6 (2017) that would get prohibited as creatively baked pie. Anyways, Adreno 509 is behaving good and there won’t be any problem with  playing some-more formidable games, solely your battery will be emptied faster, and inclination heat will arise above 38°C. When compared to Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1 is generally slower in opening apps, yet you’ll be means to use that device routinely yet loiter or some vital hiccups.



The camera is another offered indicate of Nokia 7.1. HMD used Samsung’s s5k4h8 sensor (once again), yet this one is an softened chronicle from a aged 7. The sensor has 12.2 MP, and has a utterly far-reaching orifice of f/1.8. This orifice total with 1.28 µm vast pixels should yield decent low light/night shots. To make them even better, HMD grown assertive algorithms that make a night shots even softened than a prior model. The camera of Nokia 7.1 is ZEISS branded that means that a lenses are of good quality. The hardware completes a latest camera app that offers Pro mode for some-more gifted phonographers, Live Bokeh choice that works utterly simply (I brave to contend even softened than iPhone XS), Panorama option, and Square choice that helps Instagramers constraint intent in their dear 1:1 photography ratio.  You can also fire unchanging video (no pro controls here though), slow-motion video and play with Time-Lapse photography. Nokia 7.1 also comes with Nokia’s OZO audio sound program that guarantees transparent and omni directional sound recording. The latest camera app on 7.1 comes with an softened Bothie mode that we can use both in print and video mode to reframe both cameras, so we get better-centered bothies.


The camera creates good shots during daylight, yet overprocessing is a outrageous problem here. While a energetic operation is great, a colors are oversaturated, and some-more contrariety is total in post-processing. Most of a people will like that, yet when we send a photos to a computer, you’ll utterly mostly notice digital sound in a photos. All a photos demeanour great, pointy and transparent on 7.1’s HDR screen, yet on PC guard we can see all a disadvantages of all a work that algorithms are doing in a back. A second 5MP camera that is used for focusing is doing a pursuit nicely, yet we beheld that infrequently photos aren’t focused when in involuntary mode. To forestall that we should concentration manually a preferred intent if we wish your shots to be transparent transparent each time we use a camera. Anyway, these are issues that can be bound with serve fine-tuning of a camera software, and given HMD invested a lot into a imaging department, we trust that camera knowledge will be softened in time.

Images in sealed areas illuminated with synthetic light spin out flattering good even yet there is some sound in a areas that don’t get a lot of light.

Low light or night shots have been softened a lot compared to Nokia 6.1 or some comparison models, generally yet regulating a twin LED flash. You can emanate well-lit shots, yet a estimate is huge, sum are not pointy and demeanour rather cleared out. When compared to Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1 will make low light shots demeanour brighter, yet with a lot of noise.

The front-facing camera has an 8MP sensor and wide-angle lenses. Selfies underneath a splendid light are pointy and intent edges good defined, yet in low light conditions selfies don’t spin out so pointy and you’ll have to use a LCD shade as a source of light.

You can check a comparison of Nokia 7 Plus and 7.1 cameras here. The distance of images has been reduced to save a server space. Check a full fortitude images on a Flickr profile.


You can film a 4K video with Nokia 7.1 and a length of a video is not limited. The default fortitude is 1080p and that will give we good videos. When we start filming, camera app enables a OZO Audio recording that is not directional here. So, microphones record a sounds around we equally. When we are regulating 1080p fortitude we can use EIS or a electronic picture stabilization that performs well. You are even means to fire solid videos while walking that is nice. The accessible sound is of good peculiarity even yet midst tones dominate. we had some difficulty with a EIS when filming low light shots and that is because those videos demeanour lagish.

Check a videos next and see for yourself. use headphones to decider a sound quality.



Nokia 7.1 has integrated battery with a 3060 mAh capacity, that is a customary for a midrange devices. This battery will give we a one whole day of assuage to high use of a device. You will finish a day with 18% to 22% of a battery. If we take a lot of photos, play a diversion for about 20 minutes, crop a lot and listen to music, afterwards you’ll need to recharge a device around 8 in a evening. During prolonged weekend nights, you’ll have to recharge it to be means to fire good low light photos with a device. The 18W horse comes in a sell box, yet it won’t assign your device that quickly, around 40% in about 30 minutes, that is 1.33% each notation of charging, and a battery does get hot. The altogether charging time isn’t shortened, or linear. It will take a device to entirely assign adult to 2 hours. It competence be slow, yet in a comparatively brief time, you’ll get adequate extract for a rest of your smartphone adventures.


Final thoughts

Nokia 7.1 is a simply designed phone with good build quality, and some tweaks that make it a many wanted midrange smartphone during comparison markets. But, after spending twin weeks with it, we got an sense that Nokia 7.1 is usually bumped adult chronicle of Nokia 6.1 Plus, and that Nokia 5.1 Plus share a attractiveness. When we see it like that, afterwards a tellurian cost is not justified. If we supplement a small bit some-more income we competence rather buy code new Nokia 8.1, or we could go for superb Nokia 7 Plus for a same or obtuse volume of money. All in all, we would be removing a softened behaving device in all aspects.

There are some facilities of Nokia 7.1 that could need some improvements that can be simply achieved by program updates. For example, real-time HDR acclimatisation can be smoothed out and camera opening softened to get crisper and naturally looking photos. Additionally, HMD could make Snapdragon 636 perform softened that would make 7.1 some-more rival on a market.

Don’t get me wrong, Nokia 7.1 is a utterly appealing device and really a conduct turner. But with Nokia 7 Plus still accessible globally, it usually won’t be a initial choice for many folks.

This phone could be ideal for people that like simply designed and stout tool with a smaller arrangement erratic that will be regulating a camera for some occasional inspirational photography moments in good light conditions, not as a surrogate for their camera.


Very vast interjection to HMD Global for giving us a possibility for reviewing this device!

Nokia 7.1

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