Review: Razer Phone 2

Razer isn’t a code we’d typically associate with smartphones, and nonetheless that’s accurately what a Razer Phone 2 is: a handset done by Razer. It even looks one of a company’s gaming-focused gadgets, finish with a light-up logo. It is a good phone over this?

Being a consumer and picking between a ideal apportion of phones these days isn’t easy. You have so many selection, and many of it is flattering tighten to being a same.

Across a smartphone industry, there’s a identical opening from an unsurprising identical spec sheet, identical mobile performance, likewise vast screens, identical designs, identical features, and this ubiquitous feeling of “same-sameness” that can be tough to shun from. The truly singular is mostly usually found in a underline or dual that separates a handset from a pack.

It competence be a special camera collaboration, or an appendage that does something else and adds something to a smartphone experience.

For Razer, that singular thing is a concentration on gaming, with a second phone, a Razer Phone 2, being all about it.

Razer Phone 2 (2018)

Everything Razer has been about so distant has been games. PC games, console-based video games, eSports commentating, and so on and so on, so is anyone astounded that a phone is all about games also?

But a Razer Phone 2 has to be some-more than usually about games. It has to be a phone that survives your day to day and afterwards some, given that’s what phones these days do.

Does it succeed, or does Razer’s Phone 2 tumble short?


When we consider of phones with good design, a few brands immediately open to mind: Apple, Samsung, and Huawei lay in a during a moment. Google and Oppo are both commencement to pull in, and we’re certain there are others.

But a newbie to this whole phone thing with usually a second phone ever, we’re not utterly certain Razer depends among a best.

In fact, a second phone won’t indispensably leave we with a best sense of we were anticipating for something that leads with pattern strength. Rather, it’s thick, angular, and carries some flattering noticeably clever heft.

With a steel support and potion front and back, a Razer Phone 2 certain feels like it’s done well, nonetheless also doesn’t feel like it’s done for pockets.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed

Adopting a oppressive rectilinear demeanour of a flattened brick, a Razer Phone 2 draws to mind a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium from a few years ago, nonetheless with marginally reduction finish.

The dim black steel demeanour will be good to some, utterly those who occur to admire Razer’s laptops, nonetheless we feel it needs some-more refinement. Softer edges, for one, and many smaller bezels. Both are changes we’d make.

Also, reduction weight, given during 220 grams, a pattern is one aspect that is severely contributing to a pockets feeling like they have a concrete retard in them.


Inside that retard of a phone, Razer has supposing a spec list that reads like it has come from a 2018 flagship, essentially given it has.

As such, you’ll find Qualcomm’s eight-core Snapdragon 845 processor interconnected with a sincerely considerable 8GB RAM. That’s a multiple few smartphones get, and it’s one that also sees 64GB storage with support for some-more by a microSD container found on a Razer Phone 2.

Razer has also supposing dual camera on a back, with a telephoto 2X F2.6 camera and a customary F1.75, both of that run during 12 megapixels with support for 4K video. Meanwhile, a front adopts an 8 megapixel sensor with F2.0 lens, ancillary 1080p Full HD video.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed

There’s also support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, with GPS and NFC all covering wireless, and even support for wireless charging. Wired is rubbed by a Type C USB pier during a bottom of a Razer Phone 2, nonetheless there is no 3.5mm headset jack on this phone.

All of this sits underneath a 5.72 in. Quad HD shade sporting a lovable underline of one of a fastest displays on a phone, regulating during 120Hz, ideal for gamers who direct speed in their screens.

Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 5 protects this display, while a phone runs a shade regulating a 4000mAh battery that is not removable.

And for a reward feature, a Razer trademark on a behind can act as a presentation light, changing colours like so many of Razer’s peripherals.

The Razer Phone 2 sports H2O insurgency of IP67.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed


If you’ve ever used an Android phone in a past, there’s a good possibility you’ll find regulating a Razer Phone 2 a breeze, given it flattering many is.

In an engaging twist, Razer’s smartphone comes with a launcher that is some-more customisable than most, nearing with a Nova Launcher out of a box, preconfigured with a Razer immature we competence pattern from a brand.

Thanks to Nova, regulating Android is many like regulating any Android phone, nonetheless for a change some-more like holding a page out of Sony’s playbook, a fingerprint sensor is underneath that side energy button, a preference we like and wish some-more phones had adopted.


Armed with Qualcomm’s strike chip from final year, a Snapdragon 845, we substantially won’t be astounded to find a processor handles a own, and afterwards some.

It’s not usually a chip that Razer has done a hole with on this phone, nonetheless a memory alongside, sporting a vast 8GB RAM, a honestly vast volume of memory that unequivocally few phones have seen.

That strike on a three, four, or 6 gigabytes we’re used to saying helps a Razer Phone 2 hoop a possess as we burst between apps, that is no doubt also here to assistance games run a unequivocally best they can.

Throughout a time with a Razer Phone 2, we found small to no lag, divulgence what is tighten to a ideal opening on a whole complement spec side of things. If a best opening in games is what we crave, a Razer Phone 2 delivers, promulgation it all to one of a prettiest screens we can find.

Seriously, while we don’t always take a time to indicate out a shade technology, Razer’s choice of a 120Hz shade is not usually sharp, nonetheless beautifully entertaining and ideal for gamers. Our usually wish was that a record would be better, and contend an AMOLED or Super AMOLED instead of a LCD that it is, nonetheless it’s a teenager issue, and one that won’t expected regard we during all.

The 4G is also capable, nonetheless not indispensably to a turn we’ve seen from other phones in a past year. It will unequivocally get we video, files, and other things quickly, nonetheless we’ve seen faster from other handsets.


With many of Razer’s concentration on a opening and screen, it’s flattering transparent some-more time needs to be spent on a camera.

It’s not that a Razer Phone 2 camera is bad, nonetheless it’s unequivocally not good, and after a 2018 sported some considerable multi camera setups, it’s a small unhappy to see one that doesn’t utterly come off as anywhere nearby as good as a competition.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed

Yes, you’ll find dual cameras on a Razer Phone 2, and like many a phone we saw in a past year, they rest on a customary far-reaching lens and a 2X telephoto, giving we both nearby and far. But while this competence seem on standard with a likes of the iPhone XS Max, a opening is anything but.

In fact, if we try to constraint shots in anything nonetheless a brightest of illumination scenes, we competence find a camera struggles, removing darker shots that deliver some-more sound or fuzz than we competence pattern and cut behind on a clarity altogether. They’ll be excusable for looking at, nonetheless this is by no means a best camera on a phone in a past year.

Sufficed to say, this is one set of camera specs that doesn’t mount adult to a rest of a handset, a contrition given how good suspicion out a other specs seem to be.


But battery is one area where Razer wins points, and it’s also an area where that corpulent pattern pays off, make-up in 4000mAh of power, and creation sincerely good use of it.

While Razer won’t win an endowment for a feel and heft of a phone — it’s crazy difficult — a battery competence good be a part, and it shows in a performance, ensuing in adult to dual days of life.

By a finish of a initial day of unchanging phone use, a day of web surfing, emailing, amicable networking, listening to song wirelessly, and even spasmodic creation and holding a phone call, we had good over half a battery life left.

However, that prolonged battery life comes with a catch, given this phone is done for gaming, and that means it needs a bigger battery to assistance understanding with a additional aria games will strive on that high-resolution quick poetic shade and a complement specs.

Together with gaming, we competence see a revised battery opening of a full day of life, nonetheless that will count on how mostly we game. Frankly, we haven’t found a whole store of games that we’d select to spend a time with on Android, nonetheless as Google’s handling complement plays locate adult to a likes of Apple’s iPhone and even Nintendo’s Switch, Razer’s large battery unequivocally helps a large phone.


That large battery and plain opening come during a cost, however, offering for $1249 in stores opposite Australia.

That’s circumference utterly tighten to other flagship phones, and while it’s pricey, Razer’s cost tab is nestled somewhere between standard flagship and costly flagship, so it’s not entirely bad.

What needs work?

There are things for that department, however, and while a Razer Phone 2 has some clever points, it fails to unequivocally come opposite as anything some-more than fan fare.

It is indeed a Razer Phone, nonetheless it’s not a phone we’d indispensably select over what a foe has offered, generally in a past year.

There’s no jealous a peculiarity of components on offer, with an glorious processor, RAM amount, and a unequivocally poetic Quad HD shade that offers a lightning quick 120Hz modernise rate that can be altered to 60 and 90Hz, nonetheless outward of a screen, a Razer Phone 2 doesn’t unequivocally mount out in a truly conspicuous way.

In fact, there are some flattering apparent negatives once we excavate in.

For one, it’s sincerely pricey for what we get, and a camera severely needs work. There’s no facial approval and we usually have a fingerprint sensor on a side to record we in, that doesn’t do many of anything if your hands are wet, engaging given a phone does support IP67 H2O resistance.

The wireless charging kind of comes as a bit of a negative, as well, given while it’s supported, we couldn’t get a wireless charging operative with any stand-up wireless chargers, a elite process of wireless charger.

And afterwards there’s a pattern and weight, that is awkward, blocky, and weighs 220 grams, creation it one of a heaviest phones out there. The aluminium physique is unequivocally sturdy, nonetheless it’s one unmanageable phone.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed

It’s been a while given we’ve been this endangered by holding a phone in and out of a pocket. It’s usually that cumbersome.

For all a time we spent with a Razer Phone 2, and as many as we desired a screen, a heft and feel of a phone done us hatred a time with it. The Razer Phone 2 is awkwardly bony and uncomfortably unique, to a indicate where it comes opposite like a potion and steel section with a screen.

You can tell Razer has geared a Razer Phone 2 for a unequivocally specific form of user, and one that already loves a “Razer” code adequate to go all in on a phone done about that, with games and communication thrown in for good measure.

Final thoughts (TLDR)

The Razer Phone 2 is a bit of a difficult device, given distinct many of a phones we see, it doesn’t feel like it’s done to fill a blank in your life.

It’s not a best communication device we can find, and positively not of a final year. It’s not even a best unstable gaming device. Rather, it sits somewhere in between.

The Razer Phone 2 is a good communication device and a good gaming device, stuffing both spots with a phone that is excusable and a gaming device that is, too, nonetheless nonetheless retains a fans given it’s done by Razer.

And that means it’s sharp and neat like a Razer laptop, nonetheless done to hang in your pocket. Kind of, anyway, as a Razer Phone 2 is one of a biggest phones we’ve carried all year, so many that we have to have flattering large pockets to store it there.

We’re not accurately certain who a right Razer Phone 2 customer is, either. It’s substantially someone who wants a new phone and loves Razer, and is peaceful to take a possibility that Android is a some-more than able gaming platform.

Remember, that’s a concentration here: mobile games on Android.

Razer Phone 2 (2018)

Razer’s shade on a Razer Phone 2 is a illusory addition, too, and it handles games a treat, operative that large battery hard. But a phone altogether is not terribly opposite from Samsung’s S9 or Note 9 or Google’s Pixel 3 XL and we consider a designs are improved on those handsets, as well.

That means you’re substantially looking during a Razer Phone 2 given we like Razer over a other brands, and for that reason unequivocally alone.

It’s a shame, too, given there are genuine positives about a Razer Phone 2, nonetheless we consider Razer can do better.

Seriously, third time will expected be a charm. With a same courtesy to fact on a specs and screen, a some-more discriminating and complicated pattern has some-more chances of winning a hearts, and after saying some of a glorious things Razer has come adult with, we know a association can. Right now, a Razer Phone 2 is a things for Razer fans, nonetheless in chronicle three, we gamble a association can make it a loyal Android winner.

Razer Phone 2 reviewed

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