Review: Symfonisk AirPlay 2 orator examination – HomePod meets lamp

The Symfonisk flare is what comes out a other finish when Ikea mixes a pattern and duty with Sonos’s audio capabilities and experience. It’s a intelligent Wi-Fi connected orator that is dark within a modern-looking lamp.

The Sonos and IKEA Symfonisk list flare speaker

Sonos meets Ikea

The Symfonisk flare is, in a word, polarizing. At initial glance, we wasn’t utterly certain what to make of it. we asked around, collecting other’s opinions and it was decidedly split.

There is adore or hatred for a pattern of a lamp, there is no genuine center ground. And, it is inarguably an Ikea product.

It feels really many like Ikea —modern, clean, and somewhat quirky. The pattern roughly looks Apple-inspired. Like someone placed a HomePod on a white image and stranded an ambiguous potion play on top.

After saying it in-person and personification around with it in a home, there is clearly a place for it. It isn’t utterly as formidable to locate in a home as we primarily insincere it would be.

The potion tip of a Symfonisk list flare speaker

A knit, light gray fabric wraps around a orator housing with a doorknob situated to one side used to control a light. Two volume buttons and a play/pause symbol lay on a front of a base.

The energy pier is dark underneath a bottom while a ethernet goes into a rather vast cutout on a back of a speaker. The shade is finished from frosted glass.

Much of this is finished unusually well. The potion is a good hold contra a cosmetic shade. The doorknob turns with purpose and has a plain click as it alternates a dual positions. The buttons on a front are elementary and functional.

The Symfonisk flare is good built, and a on/off doorknob has a plain click when turned

If we try to review it directly to HomePod, we do see some of a corners cut for consequence of cost, such as a peculiarity of a weave cover compared to a filigree of HomePod.


What finished us so vehement about a Symfonisk line in general, was a duality they presented. Not usually were they able speakers from Sonos, yet they had organic properties baked in.

The Symfonisk bookshelf orator we reviewed could be mounted to a wall and used as a verbatim shelf while a flare indication we are looking during here had a lighting aspect. This reduces a volume of orator confusion that you’d have and, in a opinion, offers many some-more value for what we are removing compared to other speakers.

So yes, this works as a flare and it does so usually fine. It’s a tiny dim, yet good for ambient lighting or bedside.

That usually leaves a speaker. Since it is regulating mostly internals from Sonos, we get each advantage that a Sonos orator has.

Setup is finished in a Sonos app

Control and set adult a orator from a Sonos app. Group it with other Sonos speakers for total playback and multi-room audio. Stream directly from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. Our favorite underline might be regulating dual of a speakers as remote approximate speakers for a 5.1 setup with a Sonos soundbar such as Beam.

There is AirPlay 2 support, that brings a possess multi-room capabilities with any non-Sonos AirPlay 2 orator like HomePod, Naim Mu-so, Libratone Zipp 2, and many more. AirPlay 2 is also tied into HomeKit, that means these speakers can be tied into intelligent home scenes and tranquil around Siri.

If bedside, a orator shaft come to life with a peaceful morning playlist as your bedroom’s Hue lights spin on. Or, maybe it is in a vital room and we tide your Apple TV audio to it and we can ask Siri to spin a volume up, tighten a blinds, and a spin lights out. Sure, some of these facilities are nearing as partial of iOS 13, yet they are entrance soon.

Between AirPlay 2, all a Sonos integrations and connections, and a light atop, this is a truly absolute speaker.

Missed opportunities

While there is a lot of good in a Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk lamp, it is also abundant with missed opportunities.

The tuber in a top, to acclimate a smaller tip glass, a non-standard candelabra tuber is used with an E12 base. These bulbs are straightforwardly accessible in stores and online, yet they aren’t as widely used as a customary E26 tuber that many home lights employee.

The Symfonisk list flare orator uses an E12 bulb

A tuber is enclosed in a box yet we can’t assistance yet be somewhat irritated by this. It also creates a light utterly low compared to a incomparable bulb.

Another skip by a pattern group is a miss of any intelligent home formation here. This flare already works with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit audio nonetheless a light can’t be controlled.

An alternative, and substantially what Ikea has in mind, is to use existent intelligent bulbs in a lamp. You are singular out of a embankment since usually a few HomeKit E12 candelabra bulbs exist, like Ikea’s possess Tradfri. Hue has full-color and ambient white bulbs accessible that is expected a best choice here, yet that’s going to hook on an additional cost to a lamp.

Ikea and Sonos missed a event for 360-degree audio a la HomePod. The orator motorist is usually confronting brazen that creates a audio from a sides not as transparent and shrill as from a front.

If your flare is somewhere like a dilemma with seating on possibly side, 360-degree audio would have been welcomed.

An audio champ

At a cost point, a Symfonisk flare is fantastic. It doesn’t have as many energy or punch as HomePod and isn’t utterly as polished as a Sonos One. As we do with all else audio-focused, we used a orator and headphone playlist to exam it out.

The Symfonisk flare sounds transparent and healthy regardless of a audio genres we threw during it from acoustic, to rock, to rap, to examination a movie. At max volume, we listened tiny to no distortion, yet a max volume isn’t scarcely what we got from a other Sonos speakers.

In a word, a Symfonisk flare sounds pleasant, doing an arguably good pursuit during bringing a shade out of a music.

A multi-purpose speaker

We’ve tested a satisfactory share of speakers and one of a issues we always run adult opposite is creation certain we have room. Good speakers take adult space and with a Symfonisk family, a speakers are dark into bland objects we already have around.

Physical controls on a Ikea Symfonisk list lamp

This expands a Sonos family severely from a really high-end, to a $100 to $200 market. They don’t take adult a outrageous footprint as they reinstate lamps that are already around. The ability to select possibly a bookshelf or flare to fit a room is a outrageous benefit. Sonos seems to have missed a symbol a bit by not permitting mixed forms to be total such as a bookshelf and a lamp. It contingency be dual of a same type.

For those who like a design, have a space for a lamp, and don’t mind a miss of HomeKit —they couldn’t go wrong with a Symfonisk. Our measure is presumption we like a design.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy

You can squeeze a Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk flare for $179 approach from Ikea. Check out a rest of a Sonos lineup on Amazon.

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