Ridiculous Rumour Claims Sony Is About to Buy Bethesda Parent Company ZeniMax and All Its Studios

We know that speak of acquisitions has never been some-more fierce, though this latest gossip is only a small bit too stupid for a liking. A Reddit poster, who goes by a name Zenimaxinsider of all things, claims that Sony is in talks to buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim publisher ZeniMax Media along with each other developer it owns. That includes a likes of Tango Gameworks, Machine Games, and Arkane Studios — though of course, this is all a bucket of nonsense.

The “insider” suggests that a understanding will be finished by a start of Feb 2020, though arriving RPG Starfield has been cancelled in a process. Canned 3 months ago, Bethesda is pronounced to be now all hands on rug with The Elder Scrolls VI and remakes of vague Fallout titles that are on their approach subsequent year. The print claims they “can give some-more sum soon.” They won’t, however, since this is totally nonsensical.

The Japanese hulk is substantially going to announce some studio acquisitions earlier rather than after as a PlayStation 5 exhibit inches closer, though ZeniMax Media many positively won’t be one of them. For a some-more picturesque demeanour during a studios Sony could practically buy, conduct on by a link. Remember that it has already combined Marvel’s Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games to a choice of PlayStation first-party studios.

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