Rumor: a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition will be announced this month

Rumor mill: The long-rumored Nintendo 64 Classic Edition could be announced after this month. With mini versions of retro consoles proof so popular, and opposition Sony’s PlayStation Classic nearing soon, it wouldn’t be too startling if this gossip turns out to be true.

Speculation that Nintendo could be operative on a Classic Edition of a N64 widen behind to Jul final year, when it filed a associated heading focus with a European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This was followed by another filing for a N64 in Japan final May, and a approval of a EUIPO heading focus in September.

All this suggests that a N64 Classic is removing ever closer to being revealed. According to GamingINTEL, Nintendo will announce it this month. If a association unequivocally is on march to recover another Classic Edition console, it would expected wish a appurtenance to arrive in time for a holidays, that means competing opposite Sony’s PlayStation Classic that launches on Dec 3.

The news cites an “anonymous tipster” and “insiders,” so it should be taken with a splash of salt. It was also suggested that an proclamation would arrive during a finish of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, that didn’t happen.

The site says a mini N64 will come with 30 pre-installed games, a same as a NES Classic Edition and ten more than a PlayStation Classic. These embody Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and Banjo-Kazooie. With so many games to add, it would be an snub if GoldenEye 007 isn’t one of them.

There are customarily around 3 months between Nintendo announcing a Classic Edition console and a recover date, though it could make an difference with a N64. If a rumors are accurate, we competence have to select between dual opposite 1990s consoles this Christmas.

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