Salesforce and Google announce partnership and product formation during Dreamforce

SAN FRANCISCO — Inc. and Google Inc. announced a vital partnership on Monday that will see Google’s craving program improved confederate with Salesforce, as good as a joining between a companies to use any other’s products.

Customers of both Salesforce and G Suite or Google Analytics 360 can design new product integrations to hurl out subsequent year. Existing integrations between a dual products embody hooks from a Salesforce product into Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Executives from both firms described improved formation as a most-requested underline from customers, during a press discussion during Dreamforce.

“The series one ask we get is to mix online and offline information together,” says Paul Muret, vice-president of display, video, and analytics, during Google. “This partnership currently unequivocally enables that. It enables a new instruction for all a marketers in a world.”


Salesforce kicks off Dreamforce with 6 ‘code-free’ DIY height tools

Marketers operative to build patron segments with Salesforce information and mix it with Google Analytics (i.e. who’s visiting their website) have faced some attrition in a past. While it’s been done, a information contingency be wrested from Google Analytics in a format that will work with Salesforce. That can be finished manually for ad hoc segmentation building, or by drumming APIs. Now Google and Salesforce find to offer something during a deeper layer.

“We are expanding what we’ve been doing to some grade with G Suite and Salesforce, diving into a deeper spin of co-engineered solutions,” says Ryan Aytay, executive vice-president of business growth and vital accounts during Salesforce. “We’re providing a seamless knowledge between online and offline data.”

Google is also fluctuating an offer to Salesforce business to use G Suite for giveaway for a year. It hopes that will offshoot even some-more business into this new integrated experience, says Tariq Shaukat, boss of partners attention platforms during Google Cloud. He says G Suite is many opposite product than Google Apps.

“We operative it with a business-first highway map instead of a consumer initial highway map,” he said. “This is a thoughtfulness of a investment we’ve been putting in and a adoptin we’ve been saying during a corporate level.”

The new partnership also comes with some commitments between Google and Salesforce to adopt any other’s products. Google will order on Salesforce to run a CRM. In turn, Salesforce is now describing Google as a elite open cloud vendor.

That joining doesn’t impact existent partnerships that Salesforce has with Amazon Web Services, Aytay says. For example, Salesforce continues to run on AWS in Canada and a Heroku height will continue to run on AWS as well.

A Google blog on a new partnership describes it as “a first-of-its-kind vital partnership” that sum several of a product integrations that are possibly already in place, or entrance soon:

  • Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets: Embed Sheets anywhere in Salesforce, and with a singular click pull calm from Salesforce Records or Reports to a new Sheet. Data will automatically refurbish bi-directionally to safeguard everybody has a many new information.
  • Quip Live Apps for Google Drive and Google Calendar: Quip Live Apps will confederate with Google Drive and Calendar, permitting we to entrance information in a some-more collaborative, open cloud environment, and hide any list of Drive files, including Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, or your Google Calendar inside Quip. This new multiple of Quip and G Suite will emanate a complicated choice to bequest intranet calm services. [Pricing for this is $25 per user per month.]
  • Salesforce for Hangouts Meet: Access applicable patron and comment details, use box histories and some-more from Salesforce CRM directly within a Hangouts Meet interface. This gives we absolute insights directly in a communications height to control improved sales conversations or well solve patron use issues.

The new integrations between Salesforce and Google Analytics will come with no additional cost.


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