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Earlier this week, Alphabet‘s (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google and heading patron attribute government association (NYSE:CRM) announced a partnership that will deeply confederate Google’s cloud and analytics with Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM solutions. The multiple of a dual companies’ cloud services not usually helps emanate stronger solutions for customers, though it should also assistance accelerate enlargement for both Google Cloud and Salesforce.

Here’s an overview of what a partnership entails, and because investors should care.

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The integration

Google Cloud and Salesforce are integrating their businesses in a operation of ways, though here are a many critical highlights from a new partnership:

Salesforce integrates into G Suite: Salesforce Lightning will be integrated into Gmail, enabling users to differentiate by CRM information within Gmail. Lightning will also confederate with Google Sheets, permitting G Suite users to simply pull information from Salesforce to a Google Sheet. Within Google Drive and Google Calendar, users will be means to correlate with Salesforce’s Quip Live Apps. Finally, Salesforce information will aspect in Google Hangouts Meet, enabling users to see and act on patron information and insights.

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 information connect: By mixing insights from Salesforce sales and offered solutions and Google Analytics 360 insights, marketers have some-more information to “drive smarter rendezvous — from recognition all a approach by to acclimatisation and retention,” Salesforce pronounced in a press recover about a partnership.

Google Cloud gets a large customer: As partial of a partnership between a dual companies, Salesforce has designated Google Cloud as a elite open cloud provider to support a growth. Specifically, Salesforce will “use Google Cloud Platform for a core services as partial of a company’s general infrastructure expansion,” Salesforce pronounced in a blog post.

Salesforce gets leads: Google pronounced Salesforce will sojourn a elite CRM provider for a cloud customers.

A giveaway year of G Suite: Salesforce business new to G Suite will get entrance to a capability apartment during no cost for one year.

The opportunity

By bringing a best of Google’s G Suite and analytics together with some of Salesforce’s CRM solutions, both companies are eventually reaching new business but giving adult any of their particular markets. While both of a companies’ businesses are in a cloud, Salesforce is essentially endangered with expanding a leads in CRM, and Google Cloud is focused on offered cloud infrastructure and capability services. But notwithstanding their opposite goals, both companies’ finish business include of businesses looking to streamline their operations in a cloud. It’s a ideal cross-selling opportunity.

Making a agreement between a dual companies even some-more notable, both Google Cloud and Salesforce are flourishing really rapidly. In Alphabet’s third quarter, Google “other” revenue, that is essentially done adult of cloud, Google Play, and hardware, saw a sales boost 40% year over year; and government said cloud was a largest writer to a segment. Meanwhile, Salesforce income recently surpassed a $10 billion annual run rate after posting 26% year-over-year income growth in a third quarter.

Of course, a understanding is expected some-more element for Salesforce investors than Alphabet investors, given Google Cloud is usually a tiny apportionment of Alphabet’s sum business, nonetheless all of Salesforce’s 150,000 CRM solutions business could advantage from a deal. Even more, while Google Cloud is removing Salesforce as a patron and G Suite and Analytics 360 offerings are being marketed to Salesforce’s 150,000 customers, Salesforce only got a vital publicity to a 3.5 million businesses globally that are already regulating G Suite.

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