Salesforce-Google formation bolsters CRM, analytics functionality

Salesforce adds another storage cloud

The news of Salesforce adding another elite open cloud for general enlargement comes only months after Salesforce shaped a identical partnership with AWS. The further of Google Cloud is to residence patron needs, according to Ryan Aytay, executive clamp boss for business growth and vital accounts for Salesforce.

“AWS continues to be an critical partial of a infrastructure, so nothing’s changing there,” Aytay said. “We’re only adding another elite cloud and relocating brazen to residence patron needs.”

Google and AWS are dual of a 3 leaders in a cloud space, with a other being Microsoft’s Azure. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been outspoken about his anathema toward former partner Microsoft, so it’s doubtful Salesforce will be partnering with a Seattle-based association anytime soon.

The pierce toward Google could have been a response to customers’ demands, according to Hager, as AWS is dear when it comes to cloud storage.

“Just being means to have that choice of Google storage instead of AWS is important; we had 3 clients this morning angry about a cost of AWS,” Hager said. “If you’re storing a lot of papers on Salesforce, it can get expensive. So, integrating with Google is a good option.”

There’s some intensity overlie with a integrated products, generally between Salesforce’s Quip and Google’s G Suite, though Salesforce executives aren’t disturbed about a overlap, with Aytay observant internally during Salesforce a association has used both products.

Zhou can see a products coexisting, though there’s also some “friendly competition” between G Suite and Quip, with a Salesforce product being a good choice for companies formulating contracts or requests for proposal.

Several of a Salesforce-Google integrations are already in market, including Lightning for Gmail and integrations with Calendar and Google Drive, with deeper integrations rolling out in 2018, according to a press release. Quip Live Apps integration with Google Drive is approaching to be generally accessible in a initial half of 2018 for $25 per user, per month with any Quip Enterprise License. And a integrations between Salesforce and Google Analytics 360 are approaching in a initial half of 2018 during no additional cost to protected customers.

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