Samsung Android 10 refurbish report doesn’t embody Galaxy S8, Note 8

Samsung might seem to be branch a new root as distant as Android updates go. While not accurately speedy, it does try to hurl out monthly certainty rags some-more frequently than some of a competitors. It has also turn a bit some-more open about a vital Android updates, that suggests some turn of certainty it can broach on those promises. It has recently pushed a notice to a Samsung Members app that reveals when it skeleton to lift Android 10 updates to that devices. Sadly, it seems that dual two-year-old flagships aren’t on a list.

Samsung has prolonged started a One UI 2.0 Android 10 beta for a 2019 reward phones, namely a Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 series. This was followed by a Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 betas only final month. That said, notwithstanding a early testing, a newly suggested calendar says a tangible fast updates won’t occur until Jan 2020 for all four.

Sadly, conjunction a Galaxy S8 nor a Galaxy Note 8 are anywhere on that list. Both were launched in 2019 and, by Samsung’s common counting system, have already reached their two-year lifetime. And nonetheless both phones did burst from Android 7 Nougat to Android 9 Pie, some will positively indicate out that a phones should have come out with Android 8.0 Oreo out of a box in a initial place.

That said, Samsung’s list is flattering long, that will do a picture good if it can indeed lift all of it off. Here are a phones and their months in a nutshell:

• Mar 2020: Galaxy A80
• Apr 2020: Galaxy A6, Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A9 (2018), Galaxy A40, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A90 5G, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Tab S6
• May 2020: Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20e, Galaxy A50, Galaxy Xcover4s, Galaxy A6
• Jun 2020: Galaxy J6
• Jul 2020: Galaxy J6+, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab S5e
• Aug 2020: Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019)
• Sep 2020: Galaxy Tab A 10.5, Galaxy Tab A 10.1

That is utterly a lot and hopefully, Samsung is indeed adult to a task. But by stretching some of a updates too distant into 2020, there’s a genuine possibility that Samsung might not be means to strech all of those inclination in a end.

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