Samsung Galaxy Buds review: Almost essential Android earbuds [Video]

At a time when device manufacturers hasten to mislay a headphone pier and tell us that Bluetooth audio is a answer, there are unequivocally few truly decent pairs of wireless earbuds to fill a gaping hole left behind.

While we wait a Samsung Galaxy S10 examination unit, a astonishing luminosity of a Samsung Galaxy Buds has held me — during slightest — off guard. As someone who desperately wants to make a burst from connected to wireless yet struggles with a altogether miss of peculiarity offering by many Bluetooth options, a Galaxy Buds are flattering damn impressive.

It’s formidable to speak about wireless earbuds and not discuss Apple’s AirPods. In many cases, AirPods were many unequivocally a matter for wireless earbuds recognition — during slightest to those not utterly capable in tech. we consider a pairing routine and a palliate of use are partially because they get such auspicious comments and, naturally, are one of Apple’s many renouned products.

In my examination of a TicPods Free, we pronounced they competence be Android’s initial genuine answer to AirPods. But a Galaxy Buds competence have taken Mobvoi’s climax already interjection to a multiple of comfort, well-developed battery life, audio quality, and palliate of use. Plus they cost roughly $30 reduction than a Apple counterpart.

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Design Hardware

From a outset, we have to contend that we wasn’t looking brazen to a figure of a Galaxy Buds. we consider we had some misconceptions about a dot-esque pattern and how they would feel when in my ear canal. Unlike a TicPods Free, that underline a remarkably identical demeanour to that of AirPods, a Galaxy Buds are smaller and many some-more bulbous.

They are not homely in any way, shape, or form. But we can’t contend we like a pearlescent two-tone cover all too much. we would have prefered a matte white finish yet it does belong to a tone intrigue of a Galaxy S10 and S10+, so acclamation to Samsung for that during least.

I will contend for certain that carrying ragged these buds for customarily over a integrate of weeks now that they are many some-more unsentimental than carrying a vast prolonged stump regulating down a side of your ear — that is customarily unequivocally useful when stealing one blossom momentarily in my experience.

I found that a tiny rubber tips that come propitious as customary are positively ideal for my ears. The routine of roughly screwing a buds into position creates for a cosy and honestly gentle fit yet we worrying about a buds descending out interjection to a wing tips. These wingtips can be substituted out too if we don’t find a customary options comfortable. we will acknowledge that while during a gym we have had this occur a few times with a TicPods Free.

The box is in my opinion exceptional. It’s not accurately a smallest, yet it is in no approach large. Plus a prosaic bottom means when your earbuds are safely stored, it won’t hurl or slip around on a prosaic surface. That prosaic bottom is essential as a Galaxy Buds can be charged totally wirelessly — or on a behind of your Galaxy S10 with a Powershare feature.

Being means to hang your headphones on a wireless horse proves to be approach easier and some-more gratifying in use than when tethering to a cable. If we don’t have a wireless horse though, you’ll be gratified to know that distinct many other cheaper Bluetooth buds, a Galaxy Buds assign around USB-C cable.

Pairing Process

Now, this is one area where owning a Samsung Galaxy handset competence be advised. The pairing routine for non-Galaxy owners isn’t accurately difficult, simply open a Bluetooth controls, open your Galaxy Buds and afterwards daub to pair. That is all flattering straightforward.

Samsung Galaxy Buds pairing process

But on a Samsung Galaxy phone, a routine is even easier. It has been designed to impersonate a well-developed pairing routine found on a AirPods — or during slightest it appears to have been finished so. You simply open your Galaxy Buds and this new “quick pairing” underline will take over in and with a SmartThings app.

It gives we a resources of additional controls and unequivocally does feel unequivocally intuitive. This is one of a core reasons that a Galaxy Buds are a best messenger for anyone with even comparison Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Sound Quality Controls

Thank you, Samsung for tweaking a audio on these earbuds. we am many some-more of a podcast listener nowadays, yet we do honestly like a bit of drum in my music. The TicPods Free were a small diseased in a drum territory yet a Galaxy Buds do unequivocally have some flattering brawny drum deliberation a form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Comfort

The altogether soundstage is distant higher on a Galaxy Buds than any other sub-$150 earbuds that we have tried. That does embody a TicPods Free, that as we can tell, have valid to be a benchmark for many of this review. Expect crisp, purify audio that is plain by a mids and highs.

You can make adjustments to a audio form around a Galaxy Wear app on your device yet after messing with a bass, we found we didn’t unequivocally like a formula so kept it during a customary default EQ settings. I’m not observant that a default ‘Dynamic’ sourroundings is perfect, it customarily happened to be a many neutral for all listening in my experience.

I will contend that a integrate of times when streamer by confidence during Barcelona’s El Prat airport, we did get some cutouts in a audio as good as when prowling a MWC halls, yet it hasn’t acted a problem before or since. we am astounded by this as a Bluetooth 5.0 tie has remained fast yet customarily put it down to a one-time thing, that it has valid to be in my case.

Now a controls I’m not utterly as lustful of in all honesty. They don’t feel as discerning as those on a TicPods Free for instance. That said, they do work roughly each singular time, that can’t be pronounced about a branch hold controls on a TicPods. You can adjust your controls around a Galaxy Wear app if we wish to adjust a volume with discerning taps and whatnot.

One vital dispute yet is that nonetheless a pairing routine is easy, to entrance these additional controls on a non-Samsung device you’ll need to download during slightest one of dual apps. SamsungSmartThings to span — that is wholly discretionary — and a Galaxy Wear app to conduct a Galaxy Buds roughly exclusively. It is good to be means to see particular blossom battery life within a Galaxy Wear app and there are some nifty controls that many other Bluetooth headphones simply don’t offer.

Samsung Galaxy Wear app

One thing we was undone by was a miss of box battery indicator. I’m anticipating that this can come in a destiny refurbish as it’s good to see earbud battery life yet a tone coding is a small bit of a guessing game. A immature light means somewhere between 60 to 100% battery life on a case. A yellow light indicates that a box has between 30 and 60%, with a red light definition reduction than 30%. It’s not terrible, yet it’s not accurately ideal either.

From here we can capacitate a ambient sound mode, that is meant to make it many easier to hear your surroundings. we found it did make a disproportion — despite teenager — yet a disproportion nonetheless. You can map this mode to daub on possibly of a touchpads, it does make a poignant disproportion and would be good for those that live in a bustling city sourroundings we would have thought.

Battery Life

This is one aspect that we customarily hatred about wireless headphones or earbuds of any kind. Most manufacturers explain vastly extended battery over what is possibly in a genuine world. The Galaxy Buds explain to be means to final for adult to 6 hours of continual listening. The good news is that in my experience, that is crash on a money.

I took a Samsung Galaxy Buds to MWC in Barcelona, regulating them as my solitary transport and party audio hardware and were roughly constantly interconnected with my Galaxy Note 9. Not once did we worry about battery save my tour behind from Spain. 6 hours valid to be accurate, nonetheless we did knowledge somewhat over that when drifting behind to a UK.

Samsung Galaxy Buds battery life

This battery life was all achieved by gripping all of a audio presets during a pre-defined states. we can’t quietly state if changing a audio equalizer settings around a Samsung SmartThings app will impact battery life negatively or not.

The inclusion of wireless charging and fast charging around a USB-C wire means that a Galaxy Buds are a many versatile when it comes to commanding adult that battery.

I privately haven’t had many knowledge with a Gear Icon X, yet we was wakeful that a lift box did have issues not charging when a buds were not aligned perfectly. The captivating contacts within a Galaxy Bud box safeguard that this isn’t a problem during all.


Firstly, we was honestly repelled by how many we have enjoyed regulating a Samsung Galaxy Buds. In my experience, they are customarily so gentle for bland wear that we find myself some-more mostly than not picking them over a TicPods Free. Another reason I’ve found myself picking these over a TicPods is a improved audio and somewhat louder rise volume. Also, it would be stupid not to discuss a simplified wireless charging process and USB-C compatibility.

I would contend that if we are looking for some flattering plain Bluetooth earbuds that offer glorious battery life, pretty good audio, and are gentle for customarily about anything, afterwards a Galaxy Buds will be a good altogether purchase.

If we are awaiting an well-developed altogether audio experience, afterwards I’d advise looking elsewhere or adhering to some connected IEMs or correct over-ear headphones. For anyone who hates charging another square of what you’d call ‘everyday’ tech, afterwards again zero to see here, pierce along.

At present, a Samsung Galaxy Buds are customarily accessible around from comparison retailers like BH, Amazon or Samsung directly. At customarily $130, they are many unequivocally value a demeanour if we are in a marketplace for some plain wireless earbuds.

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