Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S8 Active receiving updates on T-Mobile

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A integrate of new Samsung smartphones are now receiving program updates on T-Mobile.

First up, T-Mobile is pulling an refurbish to a Galaxy Note 9. The refurbish weighs in during 215.24MB and is chronicle N960USQU1ARH2. The confidence patch turn of a refurbish is Aug 1, 2018, and enclosed is “a underline to name a recording time for Single-take in Super Slow Motion has been added. (0.2s, 0.4s)”.


Also being updated is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. This refurbish is 129.60MB in distance and bumps a S8 Active to chronicle G892USQS3BRH2. Included are a Aug 1, 2018 Android confidence patches.


If you’ve got one of these Samsung phones, we can wait for a OTA refurbish to strike your device in a entrance days or we can manually check for it by going into Settings Software refurbish Download updates manually.

Thanks, Mr. P, Sam, Phil, and James!

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