Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leak Exposes 7 New Features

The tip is out. Samsung is formulation a surprise early release for a Galaxy Note 9. Moreover, new information from a tip source confirms this will be one of a many sparkling Galaxy Notes in years… 

Mysterious leaker Ice Universe has exposed 6 core facilities during a heart of a Galaxy Note 9, and this is a source with a critical Samsung lane record. Ice Universe broke a Galaxy Note 8 design, achieved a initial real-world photos of a Galaxy S8 and nailed every singular detail of a Galaxy S9.

Galaxy Note 9 concept

So let’s mangle down his revelations:

All-New S-Pen

While Samsung already reserve a world’s best smartphone stylus in a Galaxy Note 8, a association is looking to step it adult again. It’s tough to know where there is to go when a considerable Live Message, PENUP and Translate all arrived final year, though there is a crazy gossip a S-Pen will incorporate a microphone this year permitting it to be used for phone calls.

All-New User Interface

Ice Universe says a Galaxy Note 9 will underline a code new interface dubbed ‘Crown UX’. This name stems from a Galaxy Note 9’s royal codename and a expostulate is approaching to be opening and energy efficiency. With this during a heart of it…

Bixby 2.0

Sadly, a dedicated Bixby symbol will be defended on a Galaxy Note 9 though a world’s many lamented intelligent partner will be totally overhauled and launches on a new Note. No doubt, other flagship Galaxy phones will get this refurbish in time though Samsung’s lofty aim of throwing a Siiri (not that hard), Alexa (very hard) and Google Assistant (almost impossible) starts here.

In-Display Fingerprint Reader

The large one. Samsung is suspicion to have been operative on this for years with delays definition it missed a launch of both a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

I’m conference there is still a competition opposite time to get this record prepared for mass-market production (only niche models have used it to date) though if Samsung can get it finalised in time, this will positively be a title underline of a Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 judgment by Concept Creator

Significantly Larger Battery

Having used a same 3500mAh battery ability given a luckless Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung will step things adult with a 3850mAh 18W fast-charging battery inside a Galaxy Note 9. This will be a largest battery a association has ever propitious into a Galaxy Note indication and this is required as a range’s once industry-leading stamina has depressed divided in new years.

New Launch Colour

A supposed ‘teddy brown’ various of a Galaxy Note 9 will launch with this supersized phone. It’s different during this theatre if it will reinstate any of a Galaxy Note 8 launch colours (black, grey, bullion and blue), though design a shade to be pointed – roughly copper – in tone. Probably not too distant divided from a skeleton of this famous rival.

Camera Upgrade

In further to Ice Universe’s information, I’m conference Samsung will not usually give a Galaxy Note 9 a same dual orifice camera as a Galaxy S9, though there should also be an ascent to that phone’s woeful front facing camera as well.

Will it be adequate to deflect off Apple’s incoming supersized iPhone X Plus? we think it depends on either Samsung will also compare Apple’s anticipated cost cuts.

Either way, Samsung’s very early launch plan sounds like an increasingly intelligent pierce to me…


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