Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Much of an upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – How do a twin phablets smoke-stack up?

Samsung has done a name for itself as one of a best brands to spin to for a big-screened smartphone. It was among a initial to adopt an elongated arrangement with a Galaxy S8, and it’s also one of a few to have done a transition though succumbing to a much-maligned notch.

With this in mind, we’ve placed a glossy new Galaxy Note 9 phablet opposite one of Samsung’s best big-screened phones of 2017: a Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – Worth a upgrade?

The S8 Plus and final year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 butted adult opposite one another distant some-more than a smaller S8 ever did. With usually 0.1 inches of shade between them, both doled out a good media experience, not slightest since Samsung was among a initial to supplement HDR support to a mobile lineup.

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Both panels also delivered impressively frail imagery interjection to a WQHD+ fortitude during play, not to discuss a fact that Samsung favours richer AMOLED panels too.

We might be 18 months down a line, though a story is most a same. The Note 9 retains a predecessor’s defining S Pen functionality (albeit with a few new abilities) and sports a bigger battery, that has a intensity to take we over a day and a half of use.

A new span of chipsets (depending on a marketplace in that we buy a Note 9) also adds oomph over the Exynos 8895/Snapdragon 835-powered S8 Plus is capable. And a new GPU in a Note 9 should broach improved mobile gaming, too.


As for memory and storage, a Note 9 comes with 6GB or 8GB (depending on a storage option), while some variants of a S8 Plus tumble partially brief with 4GB. This has a intensity to impede multi-tasking and visit app-switching.

The other large disproportion between a infancy of Samsung’s 2017 flagships and a 2018 inclination – including a new Note 9 – is a newer phones’ twin behind camera setup.

The 12-megapixel singular sensor on a behind of a S8 Plus is still certainly excellent. However, Samsung’s camera technicians never rest on their laurels, gracing a Note 9 with a souped-up brew of a twin 12-megapixel setup initial encountered on a Note 8 with a twin orifice sorcery that debuted on a S9. Albeit, this time with a fingerprint sensor in a some-more available position – another trait lacking in a S8 Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – Specs

Here’s a outline of some of a fundamentals during play within both a new Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus:

Price£899/£1099£699 (64GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus – Design and software

The Note array has always sported a some-more block coming than a curvacious Galaxy S line, and a same is loyal here. The Note 9, like a S8 Plus, is a sandwich of winding Gorilla Glass on a front and back, with a steel support using around a phone’s edge.

The rounding of a corners on a Note’s physique and arrangement are both significantly smaller than a S8 Plus’ conformation – which, if it’s anything like a Note 8, will make it a hold rebate ergonomic.

Samsung now colour-matches a potion and metalwork on 2018’s Note, while a S8 Plus comes in all-black or a china support when interconnected with any other colourway. The primarily potion pattern does during slightest promote both phone’s wireless and fast-charging support, that has now turn a tack of Samsung’s flagship devices.

As for a program experience, both phones competition heavily skinned though comparatively sharp variations on Android, dubbed a Samsung Experience. Running atop 8.0 Oreo (with an refurbish to 8.1 Oreo slated for after in August) on a S8 Plus and Android 8.1 Oreo during launch on a Note 9, with a reputed refurbish to Android 9.0 Pie someday subsequent spring, a Samsung Experience 9.0 is decidedly identical on both phones.

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There’s local support for multi-tasking, Bixby is unfortunately only a button-press or a swipe away, and Samsung’s pre-loaded program – such as a Themes app, Health app and Edge Screen – are all benefaction and scold on both.

Being a Note rather than a Galaxy S device, Samsung also throws in a few stylus-driven practice on a Note 9. These embody Samsung Notes, a PENUP scholastic amicable network and Air Command, that lets we take snippets, pull charcterised live messages and use a S Pen to ask real-time content translation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S8 Plus cost – Which is improved value?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a company’s productivity-driven flagship for 2018, since a Galaxy S line has always had a inclination for entertainment. Last year’s S8 Plus will continue to broach a argent smartphone knowledge and is still receiving vital Android updates from Samsung, so should sojourn applicable for during slightest another year. The Note 9, meanwhile, is radically a best of Samsung’s best right now and, as such, comes with a cost tab to match, starting during £899.

Note 9 Pre-order contracts

Sky Mobile – 2GB of data: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – no upfront, £42/month

Three – 4GB of data: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – £79 upfront, £48/month

EE – 8GB of data: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – £150 upfront, £48/month

Vodafone – 40GB of data: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – £66 upfront, £49/month

Virgin Mobile – 5GB of data, 1000 minutes, total texts: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – no upfront, £55.50/month

EE – 30GB of data: Galaxy Note 9 128GB – £59.99 upfront, £68/month

Early verdict

If we wish a S Pen functionality, improved battery life, an even incomparable arrangement and a some-more versatile camera, afterwards a Note 9 is a approach to go – though you’ll compensate by a nose for it during launch.

The S8 Plus will continue to offer we good for media and gaming on a big-screened phone, and it’s forsaken in cost considerably. If you’re still hungry for stylus input, a Note 8 has also seen a rebate in cost and will expected dump further, faster once a phone hits stores.

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