Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks in sharp blue tone various as ensign confirms another year for a headphone jack

It’s hardly another week until Samsung launches a Galaxy S10 family during an Unpacked event and, expectedly, leaks and rumors are attack constantly. Today, several new renders of a Galaxy S10 have leaked to uncover off a new blue tone variant, as good as confirming a headphone jack for another year.

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Courtesy of MySmartPrice, new renders of both a Galaxy S10 and a Galaxy S10e have leaked out to showcase a previously rumored blue tone variant. The central selling name for this tone is opposite during a moment, yet it’s opposite from what we’ve seen in years past. The Galaxy S8, for instance, was sole in a “Coral Blue” color while a Galaxy Note 9 debuted in a striking “Ocean Blue” with a signature yellow S-Pen.

This new Galaxy S10 blue tone (pictured above) is positively a lot closer to a Coral Blue color, yet a aluminum side rails are now a opposite tone wholly and a shade itself is extremely darker.

Whatever it’s called, we privately unequivocally puncture it. Unfortunately, it’ll substantially be region, carrier, or tradesman limited as we’ve seen with past tone variants. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be limited to usually one device like the “Canary Yellow” S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10e, Blue

There are also renders floating around of a “Cinnabar Red” Galaxy S10, yet a reddish-orange tone seems unequivocally sketchy. It’s very likely a fake.

Further, Evan Blass has also debuted dual some-more Galaxy S10 leaks over a weekend. The initial of those shows off a Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e in official-looking press renders, sans any watermarking. Needless to say, it’s one of a best looks we’ve had during these inclination to date and usually serves to endorse prior leaks.

galaxy_s10_leak_1 galaxy_s10e_leak_1

Samsung Galaxy S10 (left) – Samsung Galaxy S10e (right)

galaxy_s10_plus_leak_1 galaxy_s10_plus_leak_2 galaxy_s10_plus_leak_3

Samsung Galaxy S10+ in Prism White (top), Prism Green (bottom), Prism Black (right)

Lastly, Blass has also posted what appears to be a printed promo ensign for a Galaxy S10+ that confirms one pivotal detail. As we’ve listened previously, a S10 family is gripping a headphone jack, and this promo ensign shows a device during an angle that gives acknowledgment on that. We can see a USB-C pier and orator grill, with a customary 3.5mm headphone jack off to a left side.

Even yet some-more and some-more consumers are realizing they don’t need a headphone jack, it’s unequivocally good to see that Samsung is gripping it around for during slightest one some-more year.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

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