Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of a few flagship smartphones that many of us had a eyes on. Being a tenth era indication of Samsungs many innovative and modernized smartphone series, a Galaxy S10 Plus comes with high expectations, generally when a prototype was an iterative, or rather an unexciting ascent over a Galaxy S8. 

As expected, a association expelled 3 models – Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and a bigger and improved Galaxy S10 Plus. The Galaxy S10e is Samsung’s take on covering a 50K cost bracket, while a S10 is for those who like a some-more accessible phone or need to save some money by holding a cut on a battery, shade widen and front camera. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a aloft chronicle like all Plus variants conflicting brands. As a name suggests, it’s somewhat bigger and offers a large 6.4-inch edge-to-edge arrangement with Samsung’s new ‘punch-hole’ pattern for front cameras.

There’s a lot to like about a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and really small to dislike.

So what creates a Galaxy S10 Plus an engaging upgrade?

The initial thing is a immersive edge-to-edge arrangement with 93.1% screen-to-body-ratio with somewhat winding sides. It also gets a new in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor underneath a glass. A outrageous 4100mAh battery with Wireless Powershare feature, that is means of retreat charging smartphones that have wireless charging support. 

Moreover, a 3 cameras on a behind make for a versatile camera setup where a newly combined far-reaching angle lens is usually magical. There’s also a telephoto lens that lets we take advantage of minute close-ups from a distance. 

The pattern shares a similarity with a Galaxy S-series, though it’s conjunction identical nor boring. It looks overwhelming and has reward created all over a body.  

Image Credit: TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cost and recover date

The new Galaxy S10 Plus was denounced on Feb 20 during an Unpacked event reason in Barcelona, Spain. Interested buyers can now buy a Galaxy S10 Plus in India all a variants of a phone are accessible conflicting online stores as good as in brick-and-mortar shops.

Its 128GB various is labelled during Rs 73,900 and comes in black, white and blue colours.Want some-more inner storage? The 512GB storage various of a phone also comes in a ceramic finish and will sell during Rs 91,900.

Samsung is also bringing a top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB storage various that is labelled during Rs 1,17,900 and comes in a pleasing ceramic built with white and black tone options to collect from. Samsung calls a ‘Ultimate Performance Edition’. It packs in a outrageous 12GB of RAM and outrageous 1TB of storage.

The smartphone is on open sale from Mar 8th conflicting all platforms. 

Image Credit: TechRadar


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus specs

Weight: 175g
Dimensions: 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm
OS: Android 9
Screen size: 6.4-inch
Resolution: QHD+
CPU: Exynos 9820
Storage: 128/512GB/1TB
Battery:  4,100mAh
Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP + 12MP
Front camera: 10MP + 8MP 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 6.4-inch AMOLED arrangement over S9 Plus’ 5.8-inch arrangement and equal to a one we saw on a Galaxy Note 9. The tip and bottom bezels have got a cut, ensuing in 93.1% screen-to-body ratio. 

As we all know, Samsung is one of a few OEMs that avoided regulating nick on their flagships final year and went with a new Infinity-O arrangement that has a laser-cut hole in a tip right corner.

The twin ‘punch-hole’ camera. (Image Credit: TechRadar)

In a bid to grasp some-more and some-more shade to physique ratio, OEMs are now slicing down on a widen of a nick and regulating a pop-up camera. But punch-hole is a latest trend that’s held adult newly as an choice to a notch. While a smaller S10 has a round hole in a display, a S10 Plus has a capsule-like hole in sequence to reside dual lenses. 

The nick is placed on a right where we customarily see icons like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile signal, and a all-important battery life percentage. we privately didn’t find it distracting or uncanny for that matter. At slightest it looks conflicting from a rest of a phone with a nick design. 

Also note that a dual front cameras tumble in a presentation bar area, that means they don’t get in a approach while immoderate content, browsing web and similar. While you’re gaming, a black bar is practical to that area identical to how it is finished on phones with a notch. Since it’s a high-resolution AMOLED, a blacks are so low that it effectively creates a hole disappear. 

The 6.4-inch QHD+ arrangement looks great. (Image Credit: TechRadar)

The Galaxy S10 Plus shade boasts a 1440 x 3040 QHD+ resolution, that is stretched over a high 19:9 aspect ratio and provides a pin-sharp 526ppi pixel firmness – in short, this is a big, rarely minute display.

Similar to a final era flagship, Samsung keeps a default shade fortitude to Full HD+ (2280 x 1080p). It’s finished to preserve battery power, though we can always maximize a fortitude to high from a discerning toggles. FHD+ is an good fortitude for a arrangement so good, generally when it is means to automatically adjust to aloft settings when we bucket adult a 4K film or a striking miserly game.

HDR10+ support is a outrageous addition, that also creates it a initial phone with this capability. HDR10+ fundamentally enhances a contrariety and tone of a pattern outlay to make it demeanour abounding and crisp. It’s an critical perk for film buffs.

It is not a totally bezel-less arrangement as there is still a substantial black area during a tip and bottom of a screen. But it has elegantly winding edges, vouchsafing pixels widen over both a edges. 

However, we did find out that a smaller bezels lead to some-more random touches, that gets irritating after a point. It also creates it formidable to play games in landscape mode, generally PUBG Mobile where there are so many movement buttons during a edges of a screen. 

The Infinity-O arrangement is a face of a Galaxy S10 Plus and it looks impressive, with bright, colorful facsimile creation it a best for calm expenditure and gaming during a price.


While a face is totally new, a behind of a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shares similarity with a predecessors. However, you’ll find pointed improvements and surprises new and old.

The support is aluminum as usual, though it’s somewhat slimmer than that of a S9 Plus. The front and a behind is lonesome in well-spoken Gorilla Glass 6 with a potion winding during a edges. It comes in Prism White, Blue and Black, though we chose a White various for a review.

The 512GB and 1TB versions are corroborated by ceramic instead of glass. They are accessible in possibly white or black. Unfortunately, we did not get a possibility to have a correct demeanour during it yet, though we’ll refurbish it as shortly as we get a hands on it.

There’s a dedicated Bixby symbol subsequent a volume rocker. (Image Credit: TechRadar)

The behind of a Galaxy S10 Plus is neat and really aesthetic. Especially, a white various looks overwhelming with that black colored plane camera procedure in a center. The centralized position of a camera procedure also helps it lay easily on a surface. At least, that is what we favourite a many on a white variant. The behind has a prism-like tone changing finish, that is really something new though also utterly biased to criticism on.

Let’s also not forget that Samsung continues to offer IP68 certification, creation it a dust/water resistant device.

Samsung altered totally scrapped a thought of putting a fingerprint sensor on a behind this time. The sensor performs an invisible trick, it’s now embedded underneath a potion of a display. After a two-year hiatus, Samsung finally found a resolution in Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint technology. 

The 3D indicate of your fingerprint is pronounced to concede for some-more accurate unlocks and be some-more secure than a visual scanners on a likes of a Huawei Mate 20 and Vivo V15 Pro.

It’s not a fastest in-display fingerprint sensor we’ve used, and that’s since visual readers located outward of a display. The clear animation also creates it demeanour a bit slower, and that is accurately a conflicting of what it’s ostensible to do. 

Even with that speed, you’re looking during no some-more than a second from fixation your finger on a sensor. Also, we need to request somewhat some-more vigour on a in-display sensor and we can’t clear it though looking during a phone as there’s no earthy shallow to beam a finger. There’s a fingerprint idol on a shade where we keep your finger. Lastly, if you’re formulation to insert a potion shade guardian on a display, make certain we check if a in-display fingerprint sensor works with that on.

The good partial is that it’s some-more secure and a correctness has also increasing after a final update. It now has some-more than 90% success rate.

If you’re not fondness a fingerprint experience, we can opt for a reduction secure though most faster face unlock. It is really fast. 

There’s a fingerprint scanner located usually about a home button. (Image Credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus measures 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm, roughly a measure of a S9 Plus – a new phone is a bit shorter, a tad wider, and noticeably thinner and lighter – and feels improved in a palm than a physically bigger Note 9 with a 83.4% screen-to-body ratio. 

It feels good in a palm and it’s also utterly easy to reason with one palm for a ‘Plus’-sized handset. But note that a neat pattern with potion on both sides make it an intensely sleazy device. We would advise we to use a cosmetic box that comes inside a box as it adds adequate insurance though unfortunate a demeanour and feel of a phone. 

During a hands-on before to a launch, a initial pattern smirch that we remarkable was a high chain of a power/lock key. It does not tumble underneath a healthy mark where a ride lands while holding a phone. This competence sound like nitpicking for some, though these sum matter to others.

On a left side, there’s a volume rocker and a dedicated Bixby button. Pressing this launches Samsung’s partner immediately, giving we discerning entrance to a features. You competence finish adult attack a Bixby symbol incidentally meditative it’s a volume down key, though that’s usually until we get used to a phone. 

We’re blissful that Samsung still has a 3.5mm jack notwithstanding that neat body. It’s placed right subsequent to a USB Type-C pier during a bottom. 

It’s good to see that Samsung retains a decade-old underline on a latest S-series flagship, notwithstanding a fact that it’s also rising it’s wireless Galaxy Buds. 

Lastly, there’s one some-more cause we contingency know before we deposit in a overwhelming Galaxy S10 Plus that it’s going to cost a explosve if a arrangement is damaged. With that sleazy chunk of potion comes vigour of gripping it safe. That’s a common regard in all such phone, including a new iPhones.

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