Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Allegedly Leaked in Hands-On Images

The Active lineup from Samsung is famous for being one of those phone lineups that can tarry a dump though sweating out your pocket. The imperishable inclination are meant to be used by people who work in situations where their inclination can get mishandled, and carrying a device that can withstand abuses offers a assent of mind that is value trade opposite a looks of a device. Previous inclination in a Active lineup could keep some emergence to their S-series siblings given of how Samsung styled a categorical S-lineup in new years. But with a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ holding on an wholly new minimal bezel and winding shade approach, we were extraordinary to see how a Active device would figure up. And now we have a first set of live images of what is allegedly a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

These images come to us pleasantness of a thread in a Galaxy S8 subreddit, though a thread with a concomitant videos have been private to move down any chances of identification. But given it had been done accessible online, mirrors for a images have popped up, given of course.

A few some-more images from a video are also done available, that showcase a device from opposite angles.

As can be seen, a Galaxy S8 Active allegedly sports a prosaic arrangement panel, understandably ditching a winding sides in preference of a some-more imperishable build. Unlike a predecessors, a S8 Active sports capacitive keys instead of earthy buttons for navigation. The Bixby symbol is also carried over from a S8 line. The SIM label hilt also doubles adult as a microSD label hilt on a behind side. The device is also pronounced to be done of polycarbonate and sports lead sides, all of that stimulate a lot of certainty while doing a device; a sheer contrariety to a infirmity of a S8 siblings.

The S8 Active is pronounced to be thicker than a S8 and S8+, interjection in partial to a incomparable 4000mAh battery. For a rest of a specifications, we can design a device to be mostly based off a Galaxy S8. The S8 Active is rumored to be an ATT exclusive, though a device bears no discuss of conduit branding on a hardware in these images.

What are your thoughts on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active so far? Let us know in a comments below!

Source: /u/nique020 on Reddit

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