Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cost is $150 off forward of Note 8 launch

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 cost drops continue into a summer, that any Android phone understanding violence a last, most to consumers’ benefit.

The sum cost is $574 for an unbarred Samsung Galaxy S8 from Amazon, and a bigger S8 Plus is usually $100 more. At $150 off, that’s coming OnePlus 5 domain during this point.  

Why? Well, a arriving launch of a Galaxy Note 8 might be personification a partial in a ever-declining cost of a dual Galaxy S8 handsets.

The new Note 8 is approaching to entrance on Aug 23, with a recover date approaching to be in mid-September, right before a iPhone 8 launch. Samsung is relocating as most in batch register as possible.

This is to be expected. After a Galaxy Note 7 remember and a change to sparkling new Galaxy Note 8 facilities like a dual-lens camera, retailers are creation room for a bigger and clearly improved Samsung phone.

Want a Galaxy S8 in midnight blue?

Amazon’s offer usually includes a Midnight Black indication of any phone. Samsung also has a same understanding on a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, though includes a Coral Blue indication in further to Midnight Black. The problem is many versions are on backorder.

Finally, if we cite Groupon, a site has Midnight Black models on sale for a same prices.

For shoppers anticipating to measure Samsung’s best phone nonetheless during substantially it’s lowest cost yet, this is a good event to do so. And for students looking to obstacle a new phone on their approach behind to school, this is a tough understanding to beat. 

One of a vital drawbacks for a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was their cost during launch, though that’s ceaselessly forsaken to this stream low. And with a income we can save on a phone, we can obstacle a Galaxy S8 case to keep it protected until we need your subsequent phone.

Get a Samsung Galaxy S8 Amazon deal

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