Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie Update is tormented with bug issues

The rollout for Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie update started in Feb and has been reaching all over a world.

While some Samsung users are happy with a Android 9.0, other Galaxy S8 are carrying a lot of troubles with Android Pie update. The refurbish hurl out is about to finish, though beta users have complained about several bug issues.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Pie Update Problems

samsung universe s8 android pie

samsung universe s8 android piesamsung universe s8 android pie

Android Pie 9.0 refurbish has bought a gold of new facilities to Samsung Galaxy  S8 users. Whether it’s an Adaptive Battery or a totally new Interface, Android chronicle 9 got it all for Samsung phones.

But a Android 9 refurbish has also combined a lot some-more of troubles, there are several new bugs, that has uneasy a users. These issues have influenced a opening of Galaxy S8 and should be bound soon.

Battery empty Issue

Galaxy S8 battery issue

Galaxy S8 battery issueGalaxy S8 battery issue

Samsung users have been angry that their battery now drains most faster. While for someone, Galaxy S8 is holding roughly 5 to 6 hours for charging. Android Pie refurbish has totally messed with their phone batteries.

Google Apps Problem

Google Clock Error

Google Clock ErrorGoogle Clock Error

Several Google Apps are not functioning scrupulously after a Galaxy S8 updated to Android Pie. Many users are carrying issues with their Google Alarm clock. The time pitch is blank on a standing bar, that leads to difficulty either a alarm is on or off.

Play Store Issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 Play Store Error

Samsung Galaxy S8 Play Store ErrorSamsung Galaxy S8 Play Store Error

Android Pie refurbish has done installing new Apps a lot some-more troublesome. Several third-party apps now can't be installed, while for some users, App designation is holding too long.

Is anyone else removing a emanate on Pie where if we go to refurbish your apps in a Google Play Store, and afterwards go to another app, it does not continue downloading all a updates? How can we repair it?


Bluetooth Issues

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issue

Galaxy S8 Bluetooth IssueGalaxy S8 Bluetooth Issue

In several Galaxy S8 phones, a Bluetooth idol has left after a Android 9 update, users have to go to settings to spin on Bluetooth. Also, joining a new Bluetooth device to a phone has turn utterly difficult, a tie is consummated randomly.

Messages not operative Properly

Samsung Galaxy S8 Message error

Samsung Galaxy S8 Message errorSamsung Galaxy S8 Message error

Many users have complained that a new messaging complement in Android 9.0 Pie refurbish takes adult half of their screen. While for some other Galaxy S8 users, they are incompetent to sent messages.

Background Apps shuts down

background app error

background app errorbackground app error

Background using Apps like Spotify are now killed incidentally though any indication. Android Pie has an Adaptive Battery underline to invalidate new Apps, though it seems it got some bugs that need to be fixed.

Late Notifications Issue

Galaxy 8 late notifications

Galaxy 8 late notificationsGalaxy 8 late notifications

Samsung Galaxy S8 famous notifications complement also seem to be putrescent by a new bugs in Android Pie update. One user has complained that notifications arrive after a lot of delays.

Recently i beheld that all my notifications are entrance 15 min-1 hour after than they ostensible to do. For instance i accept a YT presentation and check a video and a uploaded like hour ago, same for other apps Anyone had same issue?

WiFi-Hotspot Issue

Galaxy s8 Wifi error

Galaxy s8 Wifi errorGalaxy s8 Wifi error

Many Galaxy S8 users are carrying WiFi connectivity issues after a Android Pie Update. In some cases, Hotspot gets away after a brief time. Also, a Mobile information seems to malfunction is some cases.

One UI Problems

Samsung Galaxy S One UI Problem

Samsung Galaxy S One UI ProblemSamsung Galaxy S One UI Problem

One of a vital new underline of Android Pie Update for Galaxy S8 was a code new interface One UI. But, it seems that users are not happy with it, several people have complained on Twitter about a bugs in One UI.

When will Samsung Fix a Issues?

Galaxy s8 destiny fix

Galaxy s8 destiny fixGalaxy s8 destiny fix

Samsung is not reticent adequate to keep a bugs inspiring a Galaxy phones for too long. Bugs are being bound as shortly as they are discovered, and newer updates are also regulating a issue.

The subsequent refurbish from Samsung will confirm how most errors have been rectified. With a recover of Android 10 this year, let’s see how quick Samsung fixes a bugs. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for some-more Samsung Galaxy updates and other news.

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