Samsung Galaxy S8 camera tips that will make we a improved photographer

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samsung universe s8 camera tips

The Galaxy S8 competence not exaggerate a iPhone’s imagination dual-sensor setup, yet a 12MP camera is zero to shake a hang at. It ranks third on camera benchmarking site DxOMark’s list of top-ranking smartphone cameras, a second-highest measure ever achieved by an Android phone. In a testing, a Galaxy S8, conduct to constraint clear, color-accurate shots flattering consistently.

That said, holding well-developed photos with a Galaxy S8 isn’t as easy as defeat it out of your slot and attack a shiver button. It’s value training a thing or dual about close-ups, far-reaching shots, high energetic range (HDR), and filters. Once we master a basics, you’ll be good on your approach to producing DSLR-quality snaps with a Galaxy S8’s camera.

Here are a few Samsung Galaxy S8 camera tips and tricks that’ll assistance we make a many of a a phone’s camera.

How to fast wizz in and out, or take a detonate shot

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Zooming in with a smartphone camera can be a ambidextrous pain in a rear, yet a Galaxy S8’s app creates it easy. When we wish to increase a apportionment of a frame, daub and drag a shiver symbol to a right — it’ll spin into a plane slider that shows a stream wizz level.

Quickly capturing a detonate shot with a Galaxy S8 is even easier. Just daub and reason a shiver button, and that’s it — you’ll find a photos in your gallery.

How to use a Galaxy S8’s camera modes

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The Galaxy S8’s camera app is a small overwhelming, during initial glance, yet Samsung has done an bid to trim a fat. A appropriate left pulls adult a resources of conflicting modes, including Auto, Pro, Panorama, Selective motion, Hyperlapse, Food, and practical shot.

Here’s what any of them does:


Auto, a Galaxy S8’s default sharpened mode, handles all for you. It’s a point-and-shoot affair.


If we know your approach around a camera and wish to make a many of a Galaxy S8’s snapper, Pro mode will fit we fine. It puts settings like a ISO, aperture, IRIS setting, autofocus, white balance, and bearing during your fingertips. One of a many useful is primer concentration mode, that draws immature lines in a viewfinder over a intent that’s in focus.


The Galaxy S8’s scenery mode stitches mixed shots together into a single, ultra-wide photo.

Selective focus:

Selective focus, a underline introduced on a Galaxy S5, snaps mixed photos running with varying focus. The finish outcome is a print with an tractable concentration level; we can barter concentration between objects in a forehead or background.

Slow motion:

The Galaxy S8’s delayed fit mode captures videos during a higher-than-normal support rate (240 fps compared to 30 fps or 60 fps), that has a outcome of creation things seem “slower” when played behind during normal speeds. You’ll have to settle for a reduce fortitude than normal-speed video — Slow Motion mode maxes out during 720p — yet a outcome is value a sacrifice.


Hyperlapse lets we emanate time lapse videos, or clips that restrict hours of footage into a few sped-up, super-fast minutes. Samsung says it’s intelligent adequate to adjust to what you’re recording automatically.


Food mode is optimized for cinema of tasty grub, as we competence expect. Activate it, and you’ll get extended color, contrast, and fuzz effects that make all fancy. A accessible tip: Moving a round in a viewfinder adjusts a turn of credentials blur.

Virtual shot:

Virtual shot isn’t a many useful mode in a Galaxy S8’s arsenal, yet a effect’s neat. Basically, we pierce a camera in a round fit around an intent as your phone snaps pics. Then a Galaxy S8 stitches photos together in an charcterised file.

How to request filters, effects, and overlays

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There’s some-more to a Galaxy S8’s camera app than sharpened modes. Swiping to a right of a Galaxy S8’s camera menu brings adult a filters, effects, and overlays section. It’s a lot to unpack.


are same to tinge palettes: They tweak a lighting, brightness, and contrariety of your print to compare a certain style. There’s an Auto filter that corrects for lighting conditions, and colors like “Cream,” “Deep,” “Forest,” “Classic,” “Cosy,” “Memory,” “and “Maple.”

Tap a bear-shaped idol to entrance a effects menu, that consists of Instagram-style filters and stickers that lay atop your photos (think stylized titles like “Best friend,” “Cool,” “Enjoy,” and “Happy Anniversary”).


,which occupy a same menu,are like Snapchat Lenses. They’re digital masks, bunny ears, sunglasses, tiaras, and celebration hats that lay atop people’s faces. It’s like protracted reality, yet yet a need for a third-party app – they’re built right into a Galaxy S8’s camera app.

If you’re not happy with a default preference of filters, effects, and overlays, we can download additional stamps, face masks, and some-more from Samsung’s Galaxy Apps store. Note that not all are free, yet — you’ll have to bombard out money for some of them.

How to use your voice, palm, or face to constraint a photo

If gnawing cinema with a shiver symbol is starting to feel aged hat, good news: The Galaxy S8 lets we trigger a print with voice commands, palm gestures, or even your face.

To capacitate voice controls, conduct over to a camera app’s settings menu and daub theVoice control. There isn’t many in a approach of customization, here, yet we can trigger a print by cheering difference like “smile” and “cheese.” Saying “record video” switches a camera to video mode.

Alternatively, we can use a finger. When a front-facing camera’s active, fixation your finger over a heart rate sensor on a behind of a Galaxy S8 (opposite a side of a camera module) snaps a shot. It’s not always consistent, yet it’s easier than perplexing to daub a shiver symbol one-handed.

Holding out your palm works, too. With a camera in selfie mode, reason out your palm when you’re framing a shot. The Galaxy S8 will automatically set a brief countdown timer to take a photo.

How to take a ideal selfie

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If you’re not wholly gratified with a approach your selfie incited out, a Galaxy S8’s camera app can assistance we tweak it.

Swipe down anywhere in a support to switch between a Galaxy S8’s front camera and behind camera.Then appropriate to a left to get several conflicting sharpened modes: Selfie, a default; wide selfie, a wider-angle mode that creates it easier to fit a mixed people in a frame; and selective focus, that blurs out your photo’s background.

There’s some-more than angle adjustment, here. Tap a brush-shaped idol when a Galaxy S8’s in selfie mode and you’ll get options to tweak your skin tone, face and eye shape, and backlighting. Once we settle on a right multiple of settings, gnawing a selfie’s as easy as attack a shiver button.

How to supplement shortcuts to a home screen

Tired of carrying to switch to a conflicting mode any time we launch a Galaxy S8’s camera app? Good news: The Galaxy S8’s shortcuts underline lets we pin frequently used modes to a home screen.

Once you’ve comparison a mode we want, daub a three-dot menu in a top right-hand dilemma and hitAdd by-pass to home screen. Select your favorite modes, and that’s it — you’ll see them on your home screen, where we can file them only like app shortcuts.

How to use a floating camera button

Having difficulty reaching a Galaxy S8’s shiver symbol while you’re perplexing to constraint a ideal shot? Not to worry — only like Samsung’s Galaxy S7and Galaxy A5, a Galaxy S8 lets we pierce a shiver symbol to a some-more available shade location.

First, though, you’ll have to capacitate it in a settings menu. Head to a Galaxy S8 camera app’s Settings and daub a Floating Camera button. Then, it’s as easy as dire and drag on a shiver symbol with a giveaway finger to a mark that’s easier to tap.

How to fine-tune a camera app’s settings

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There’s a lot some-more to a Galaxy S8’s camera app underneath a colorful icons and charcterised graphics. Dive into a settings menu, and you’ll see options to tweak a video resolution, preview cinema before we save them, and more.

Here’s all we can do:

Video and design size:

From a camera app’s settings menu we can change design distance and video size. In terms of a former, we have a choice of 12MP all a approach down to 1:1. When it comes to a latter, a Galaxy S8 can fire adult to Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

Tracking AF and figure correction:

Not any picture’s perfect, that is where tracking AF and figure improvement come in. Tracking AF focuses on and marks a theme we comparison on a preview screen. Shape correction, meanwhile, reduces exaggeration during a corners of a S8’s shade during a cost of resolution.

Save cinema as previewed:

By default, a Galaxy S8’s selfie camera flips saved images to uncover we how we unequivocally look. Flipping a toggle shows a loyal photos, instead.


You can trigger a Galaxy S8 to take a print after a few seconds.

Motion photo:

Motion print is a Galaxy S8’s chronicle of a iPhone 7’s Live Photos. Toggle a setting, and you’ll get a brief video shave of what happens before any design was taken.

Quick launch:

Enable discerning launch to open a camera by fast dire a energy button.

How to revise your photos to your heart’s content

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The Galaxy S8 packs some-more than a absolute camera app. Once you’ve snapped a few shots, switch over to Samsung’s photo-editing collection by rising a Gallery and drumming a Edit button.

Here’s what we can do:


Transform lets we rotate, flip, mirror, and stand a photo.


Tone packs brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, and white change composition tools.


Advanced lets we run furious with a photo’s tinge curve, color, and backlight. It’s a small wily to get a hang of, yet affords we a many freedom.


Effects puts all of a Galaxy S8 camera app’s effects in one place, that is useful if we forget to request an outcome before we snap a photo.


Decoration lets we conceal things on a print — we can supplement images, stickers, labels, and covers, or doodles with your finger.

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