Samsung Galaxy S8 dark facilities – SEVEN ways to get some-more out of this Samsung S7 rival


If there’s one critique of a Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s a positioning of a fingerprint scanner.

Having changed to a back of a device in sequence to concede for that overwhelming Infinity Display, Samsung has pushed a biometric sensor off centre and done it somewhat ungainly to reach.

When you’re finger’s in place to clear your phone then, you’re going to wish to make a many of a positioning.

Fortunately, we can supplement additional functionality to a add-on, vouchsafing we appropriate down to activate a Notifications window.

You’ll need to spin this underline on before use, and can do so by streamer to Settings Advanced facilities Finger sensor gestures.

Now, once a phone is unlocked, swiping down on a fingerprint scanner will lift down a Notifications add-on and give we present entrance to your alerts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and audio settings as good as a mass of other features.

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