Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

The subsequent Galaxy inclination have finally arrived from Samsung and there’s a somewhat opposite plan for a 2017 flagship phones. Now in simply opposite sizes rather than charity varying tech, here we go in-depth for a Galaxy S8 Plus examination to see if we should buy a incomparable handset.

Galaxy S8 Plus Price and Availability

The S8 Plus is now accessible in a UK.

It’s not a startle that a Galaxy S8 Plus is an costly smartphone, nonetheless not as many as some feared. The flagship cost is £779 that isn’t a outrageous volume some-more than a unchanging Galaxy S8 that is £689.

You can buy the S8 Plus from Carphone Warehouse or directly from Samsung. You can also get it on agreement from as small as £40.99 per month from EE, Vodafone and O2 (through Carphone Warehouse) or from Three.

Unlocked mobiles claims to have a lowest UK SIM-free prices – £674.98 for a Galaxy S8 and £764.98 for a Plus. That positively seems to be a case.

For some-more minute info, we should review our full beam on where to buy a Galaxy S8 Plus.

Galaxy S8 Plus Design and Build

This year there’s not a outrageous disproportion between Samsung’s dual flagship phones. As they both offer a corner shade display, a handsets are simply opposite sizes when it comes to pattern – hence a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus fixing complement with no ‘edge’ element.

The Plus indication isn’t a vastly bigger than a unchanging Galaxy S8. It’s around 10mm taller and 5mm wider that isn’t many to burst from a 5.8- to 6.2in screen. It’s startling how normal these phones feel in a palm deliberation those figures. Also see: Galaxy S8 Active latest rumours

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8 Plus

Bear in mind that a Galaxy S8 Plus is heavier during 173g compared to 155g, even yet that’s an considerable weight for a phone with a 6.2in screen. The 6.4in Xperia Z Ultra is 212g.

You’ll notice that a large disproportion in this year’s Galaxy phone is a considerable screen-to-bezel ratio and a dull corners of a arrangement that compare a steel frame. To make this happen, Samsung has ditched a normal territory next a shade for home button.

The fingerprint scanner has been changed to a back and there’s also a vigour supportive home symbol built into a display.

Although relocating a fingerprint scanner enables that overwhelming display, it creates it implausible wily to use. It’s tough adequate on a unchanging S8 and a S8 Plus unequivocally does need a shimmy in sequence to strech it.

You’ll substantially finish adult smudging a camera lens with your finger, generally if you’re right handed, and put a box on a phone and a fingerprint scanner gets even harder to use – despite somewhat easier to find yet looking.

Putting a box on a S8 Plus is roughly a prerequisite due to how sleazy a pattern is. Although a silken finish feels good it creates pulling a phone out of a container a nerve-wracking experience. It’s a genuine contrition since adding a box means we remove a lot of a reward feel and they tend to get in a approach of regulating a corner screen.

You get all a same pattern facilities as a smaller indication including a headphone jack, Gorilla Glass 5 back cover and IP68 rated waterproofing. A new symbol sits on a left for rising Bixby – some-more on this in a program section.

In a UK, Samsung is charity a Galaxy S8 Plus in 3 colours: Midnight Black, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver. The blue and bullion options will launch in other markets such as China yet might good come to Blighty during a after date.

Galaxy S8 colours

We like all a colours yet be warned that a Arctic Silver choice is really shiny, roughly mirrored like a Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Samsung has pronounced this colour will be accessible ‘in due course’ so a black and grey options will be a choices to start with.

Galaxy S8 Plus Specs and Hardware

Samsung likes make-up as many tech into a phones as humanly probable and a Galaxy S8 Plus ticks roughly each box we could consider of for a flagship phone.


As you’ve collected already, a shade distance is a large disproportion between a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Both phones now have Samsung’s corner shade record so there’s no longer a need to buy a incomparable choice to get this.

Samsung has tweaked a corner arrangement though, so it’s not as farfetched this time. You still get a corner panels yet we can’t use a corner to uncover a time during night and uncover other information like previously.

Your preference then, is either to go for a smaller 5.8in indication or a Galaxy S8 Plus’ 6.2in. These sizes sound a bit absurd yet a S8 Plus isn’t indeed too many bigger.

That said, it’s adequate to make it a ambidextrous phone and stretching for things that traditionally seem towards a tip like hunt boxes and other buttons can get utterly annoying.

Galaxy S8+ screen

It’s best to try both in a palm before we dedicate yet we feel a unchanging Galaxy S8 will be adequate for many consumers.

In terms of specs a Galaxy S8 Plus uses a same Super AMOLED record as a smaller indication and has a same Quad HD (2960×1440) resolution. This means a reduce yet considerate dump in pixel firmness from 570- to 529ppi.

It’s value observant that a shade runs during FHD+ (2220×1080) by default yet it still looks good like this and we substantially won’t feel a need to burst to Quad HD yet we can do in a settings if we wish – or even dump it to 720p.

Similar to a LG G6, a Galaxy S8 Plus has an surprising aspect ratio. Instead of a standard 16:9, it’s 18.5:9 so a shade is really tall. This creates things like examination video many improved as we don’t get irritating black bars if we format to a screen.

When things like video go full shade is when you’ll need a vigour supportive home button.

Galaxy S8 Plus screen


Like a unchanging model, a Galaxy S8 Plus will come with dual opposite processors for opposite markets.

The UK indication will come with Samsung’s Exynos Series 9 8895 chip, an octa-core processor with 4x 2.3GHz and 4x 1.7GHz time speeds. Some other markets will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that Samsung co-produced.

It’s no warn that a S8 Plus benchmarks roughly equally to a smaller one deliberation it has a same core specs. The somewhat incomparable shade distance doesn’t make any disproportion to graphics formula and note that we tested during a default FHD+ fortitude (2220×1080).

As we can see both Galaxy S8 models perform intensely good putting out some of a best numbers we’ve seen. Remember these are usually total yet in genuine life, a S8 Plus is also a tip performer and we can’t contend we’ve beheld it loiter or delayed down during all.

Memory and Storage

Samsung has kept things elementary this year so a Galaxy S8 Plus matches a smaller indication with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. As usual, there’s expandable storage so it’s easy to supplement a serve 256GB with a Micro-SD label slot.

Samsung has detailed a 128GB choice that comes with 6GB of RAM that we’re certain some of we would be meddlesome in. However, this is for a Asian marketplace usually and there’s no work on either it will be expelled anywhere else.

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