Samsung Galaxy S8: Price, UK recover date, screen, specs and all a news on a approaching launch

Samsung’s Galaxy array is still a biggest opposition to Apple’s line of iPhones.

The sleek, well-designed phones mostly have some of a many cutting-edge facilities it’s probable to get on a smartphone.

And Samsung is removing prepared to exhibit a subsequent in a array – a Galaxy S8 – during an ‘Unpacked 2017’ eventuality later today.

Taking place in New York on Mar 29, tool fans will finally get to see a phone in full after months of leaks and furious speculation.

The new Galaxy S8 will go toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone 7 and is approaching to underline some large changes from final year’s S7 and S7 edge.

As is common with tech manufacturers now, when a S8 does arrive it will approaching do so in twin opposite sizes. Early indicators advise that we’ll see a 5.1-inch and a 5.5-inch model.

What’s not transparent is either or not Samsung will deliver an ‘edge’ chronicle of a new phone with a winding screen. It has taken this proceed with both a S7 and a S6 in a final twin years.

The South Korean association is also usually starting to redeem from a catastrophic tellurian remember and termination of a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

And afterwards there’s a tiny matter of Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that are now proof a strike with fans, notwithstanding a argumentative preference to mislay a headphone jack.

Whilst Appleis enlightening and stripping down a phones, Samsung appears to be going a other way. If a stream stand of internet rumours are to be believed, a association will be throwing all it has into a subsequent blower.

So, what do we know so far? We’ve collected all a latest whisperings right here and will continue to refurbish this square as we learn more.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Latest news

As a date of a central exhibit gets closer, Samsung doesn’t seem to be means to keep a new handset hidden.

A uninformed set of images, presumably arrangement a finished chronicle of a Galaxy S8, have arrived on a internet.

These are believed to be of a “jet back” chronicle of a new smartphone and were posted on a website slashleaks. The site calls it a manikin phone and, unfortunately, doesn’t switch it on during any point.

But a cinema still give us a good thought of what to pattern when Samsung pulls a deceive divided subsequent week.

Release date

Rather than exhibit a phone during Mobile World Congress as in prior years, Samsung is hosting a possess eventuality on Mar 29.

The eventuality is called Samsung Unpacked and it is widely approaching to be a central phenomenon of a Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s Unpacked invitation

The teaser pattern for a eventuality showed a outline of a phone and a line “unbox your phone”.

Samsung reliable it will be streaming a eventuality live over a website.


As with Apple’s iPhones, a Samsung Galaxy handsets have some-more or reduction plateaued when it comes to price. The stream 32GB S7 comes in during £569 while a somewhat incomparable S7 corner is £639. It’s doubtful that Samsung’s new phones will deviating too distant from this kind of pricing. So we improved start saving.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge aren’t cheap

What could change things is if Samsung decides to offer mixed storage options. At a impulse we can usually get a S7 with 32GB of storage. If Samsung opts to boost this to 64GB or even 128GB a cost could boost also.

However, a association could also keep a storage space as it is and instead embody a ability of a microSD label slot.


Posted to Twitter by sequence leaker Evan Blass, an pattern appears to uncover a offered print of the Samsung Galaxy S8 face-on.

It reveals a enormous front shade and a miss of a earthy home symbol – twin distinguished rumours that have circulated for months.

Samsung upgrades a Gear VR with a controller for practical existence indicating and shooting

Much has been done of a S8’s arrangement and, as this pattern shows, it appears to take adult a whole front of a device with hugely reduced bezels on a tip and bottom of a phone. The curving shade appears to have been carried over from a Galaxy S7.

It also shows a phone’s close shade and redesigned time face. The energy symbol can be clearly seen on a side of a phone.

Perhaps in an bid to rescue something from a cursed Galaxy 7 Note, Samsung could be formulation to put an edge-to-edge arrangement in a new S8.

Samsung Galaxy - mobile phone generic

That’s a summary entrance from tech site Droid-Life, that claims a new S8 will come in twin sizes and won’t underline any bezels. Samsung will recover a 5.7-inch indication and a whopping 6.2-inch indication – that creates it most a inscription in a eyes.

What’s more, a site is claiming Samsung will embankment a home symbol – something that has always been a underline of Galaxy phones.

“With a dismissal of a home button, it should be approaching that we competence see on-screen buttons, instead of Samsung’s long-standing capacitive keys,” claims a site.

Samsung is also reportedly formulation to put a span of stereo speakers on a stirring Galaxy S8 flagship phone – something Apple did with a iPhone 7.

The news comes from gadget site Fone Arena, that alleges that a new ventilator competence also competition branding from audio association HARMAN.

“According to a sources this twin orator record will have a branding, like a HTC’s Boomsound,” wrote a site. “It could also come with HARMAN branding, and powered by record from HARMAN that it recently concluded to acquire for about $8.0 billion.”


Aside from a aforementioned 4K screen, there are a few rumours present about what kind of energy a S8 might have underneath a bonnet.

Samsung’s cameras have been unusually good recently, though a proliferation of dual-lens snappers from a likes of Apple, Huawei and LG might enthuse it to follow suit. According to tech site Trusted Reviews , Samsung is indeed formulation to embody dual-lens cameras in a subsequent phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone

An exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A new leak, reported on by a tool site Pocket Lint , seems to have a transparent pattern of a S8’s specs. It says a new phone will container in 6GB of RAM and a 30-megapixel camera.

There will also be a 4,200mAh battery that – providing it doesn’t raze – should simply see a phone by 24 hours of plain usage.

A news on Samsung-watching site SamMobile strike on a fact that a S8 might embody an Exynos 8895 processor joined with a Mali-G71 GPU. According to a site, that means a new phone will be adult to 1.8 times some-more absolute than a already-impressive Galaxy S7.

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Samsung’s updated Gear VR headset brings some ergonomic improvements

What’s more, SamMobile echoes other sites that advise a S8 will have a 5.2-inch 4K-capable display. The reason? Samsung’s pulling heavily into practical existence and carrying a absolute shade fortitude means we can use a phone in VR headsets like a Samsung Galaxy Gear and Google Daydream VR.

No headphone jack

It’s being rumoured that Samsung will follow Apple’s lead and ditch a 3.5mm headphone jack on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

If true, it would force users to adopt wireless headphones or, potentially, use a USB Type-C concordant pair, if that’s what a new handset uses for charging.

The latter is what Samsung fan site SamMobile believes will be a box when a Galaxy S8 is denounced during Mobile World Congress in 2017.

Galaxy S8 leaks advise Samsung is formulation to duplicate one of a iPhone 7’s best features

By ditching a port, a association could make a phone sturdier and approaching urge waterproofing while gripping a surrounding slim. But it’s also approaching to harry a outrageous series of people who rest on a out-of-date analogue connection.

Apple wasn’t a initial vital manufacturer to mislay a headphone jack, though a preference caused a biggest stir when a iPhone 7 was unveiled. Third-party manufacturers have raced to offer wireless headphones and phone cases to solve a issue.

Amid rumours that Samsung is formulation to follow Apple’s lead and mislay a headphone jack on a Galaxy S8, some sources are now claiming that Samsung will launch a span of lightweight bluetooth earbuds – identical in pattern and functionality to Apple’s AirPods.

Samsung already offers a span of wireless earbuds, called a Gear IconX, that lane your earthy activity, have adequate inner storage for around 1,000 song marks and embody a tiny touchpad to control song playback.

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However, SamMobile reports that a South Korean association will launch a new span of wireless earbuds alongside a Galaxy S8 in 2017, citing sources with believe of Samsung’s product roadmap.

The new earphones could confederate with Samsung’s new voice assistant, Viv, permitting users to foreordain messages, ask songs, make phone calls and ask for directions – usually like users of Apple’s AirPods can with Siri.

Bixby personal assistant

Samsung’s subsequent flagship smartphone, a Galaxy S8 , will come with a new artificially intelligent personal partner called Bixby.

Like Apple’s Siri, Bixby responds to oral commands, permitting users to control their phones with their voices alone.

However, Samsung claims that Bixby offers a “deeper experience” than other voice agents or assistants in a market.

Samsung Galaxy S7 corner during The World Mobile Congress during a Fira Gran Via Complex

Samsung Galaxy S7 corner during The World Mobile Congress during a Fira Gran Via Complex

Firstly, when regulating a Bixby-enabled application, Samsung’s personal partner can support roughly each charge that a focus is able of behaving – so we don’t have to remember that facilities work with voice authority and that don’t.

Secondly, we can call on Bixby during any time and it will know a stream context and state of a application, permitting we to continue what you’re doing though interruption.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a dedicated Bixby symbol on a side of a device, that we can press to call adult a practical assistant.

To start with, usually a subset of pre-installed applications will be Bixby-enabled, though this set will continue to enhance over time.

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