Samsung Galaxy S8 – Three large reasons to buy it and one vital reason to equivocate during all costs

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will shortly applaud a initial birthday and what a year it has been for this flagship phone.

Launched in Apr 2017, a S8 is one of Samsung’s many successful smartphones and it continues to lead a margin with a series of innovations.

So, with a device now roughly a year aged should we still cruise shopping one?

Here’s 3 reasons it should be tip of your list and one large reason because we competence bewail holding smoothness of this device.



The Galaxy S8 picked adult each tech drum final year and was zodiacally regarded as a best smartphone of 2017.

It’s no warn a S8 did so good final year with it featuring a truly overwhelming pattern that no other tech association has been means to replicate.

Its twin winding AMOLED arrangement sweeps gracefully around both sides of a phone with this shade charity one of a best practice on a market.

A quick processor, decent camera and good battery life all supplement to a interest and there’s a common wireless charging and H2O resistant design.

There’s a lot to like about a S8 and really small that’s wrong with Samsung’s stream flagship with a usually genuine critique entrance in a figure of a peculiar chain of a fingerprint scanner.

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