Samsung Galaxy S8 woe exam has some ruinous results

The past year substantially felt flattering torturous to Samsung with that whole Note 7 debacle, though that doesn’t meant a torture-masters during tool guaranty outfit SquareTrade were compelled to cut a new Samsung Galaxy S8 any slack.

The association subjected a new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to a battery of breakability tests and found a new era is a small some-more ethereal than a predecessors, a S7 and S7 Edge.

Robots were used to drop, slide, decrease and asperse a devices, and a formula saw a sleek, potion form of a Galaxy S8 moment adult underneath a pressure, literally.

Cracks seemed after a really initial face-down drop, with pieces of potion blank from a corners of a S8. The S8’s all-glass physique also suffered cracks and dangerous event when a phone was forsaken on a side and back.

There was some good news, with a water-resistant phones vital adult to their billing after holding a dip. Additionally, SquareTrade found that repairs on a S8 and S8 Plus are formidable though possible.

The association also polled 1,051 smartphone owners online in Apr and a formula led to a prophecy that a Galaxy S8 will be a hit.

“We found that 89 percent of Samsung owners reported carrying a certain perspective of a code notwithstanding new controversies, and 36 percent devise on shopping an S8 in a subsequent 6 months,” SquareTrade’s tellurian artistic executive Jason Siciliano pronounced before adding a small bit of recommendation for consumers: “Just don’t dump it.”

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