Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. OnePlus 5: Is a Budget Flagship Good Enough?

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A few years ago we had to spend large bucks to get a smartphone that was indeed beguiling to use. Things altered when good unbarred inclination like a Moto G and OnePlus One came out. Suddenly, we could have a arguable phone yet offered your essence to a carrier. OnePlus has been quite assertive relocating into a high-end to contest with a likes of Samsung. The OnePlus 5 has many of a same hardware as a Galaxy S8, yet it costs hundreds of dollars less. Is it as good, though? Let’s mangle it down.


Samsung has been on a potion and aluminum flog for a final few years, and a trend continues with a Galaxy S8. This phone has an aluminum support and winding potion on a front and back. Meanwhile, a OnePlus 5 is all aluminum with a black or gray anodized finish. The GS8 is a some-more appealing device, yet a OnePlus 5 is some-more organic and durable.

OnePlus still has earthy capacitive buttons on a front of a device, including a home symbol that doubles as a fingerprint sensor. Interestingly, a OP5’s sensor is one of a fastest available. It’s many improved than a Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor, that is in a bizarre place high on a behind of a phone. Although, a Galaxy S8’s on-screen buttons are improved than OP’s capacitive ones. Luckily, a OnePlus 5 has discretionary on-screen buttons.


The OnePlus 5 buttons.

Samsung has an iris scanner to make adult for a miss of a fingerprint reader, yet that can be fussy as well. OnePlus’ singular hardware underline is a presentation slider, that lets we toggle between sound, do-not-disturb, and wordless yet even waking adult a phone.

The Galaxy S8 is a some-more appealing phone with good build quality, yet a OnePlus 5 is not distant behind. The OP5 seems some-more durable, too.


Samsung incited heads with a Galaxy S8’s “infinity display,” that is a imagination approach of observant a shade is winding with roughly no bezel. Almost a whole face of this phone is a 5.8-inch 1440p AMOLED, and OnePlus can’t compare this kind of engineering for a price. The OP5 has a same 5.5-inch 1080p OLED arrangement it used in final year’s phone. Samsung also has a incomparable 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus with a same design.

Samsung’s AMOLED panels are still a bullion customary for liughtness and tone accuracy. The GS8 has what is simply a best row we can get. OnePlus’ OLED is zero to sneeze during — it has plain tone correctness and good observation angles. It’s usually not as pointy or splendid as a Galaxy S8.


The Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5 both have an octa-core Snapdragon 835 chip, that is a latest from Qualcomm. However, Samsung’s inclination never take full advantage of a hardware’s speed. The GS8 is not slow, yet we wouldn’t call it fast, either. The OnePlus 5 is an apparently faster device.

OnePlus also versed a OnePlus 5 with an pornographic volume of RAM — possibly 6 or 8GB depending on a chronicle we choose. It’s unequivocally overkill, yet a OP5 does keep apps in memory as it should. This aspect isn’t many opposite than a GS8 with a small 4GB of RAM, though.

The battery life is a draw. Both phones will get we by a day no problem, and expected many of a subsequent one. The OnePlus 5 competence eke out a small some-more shade time interjection to a reduce resolution, yet a disproportion is negligible. Both phones quick assign when a extract gets low. However, OnePlus uses a exclusive customary called Dash Charge. Samsung uses Qualcomm Quick Charge, yet it’s an comparison chronicle that isn’t as quick as Dash Charge.

Overall, a OnePlus 5 is some-more considerable in terms of tender speed, if that’s what we caring about.


OnePlus took a step into a universe of twin cameras with a 16MP customary shooter and a 20MP sensor with a 2x telephoto lens. The suspicion is we can “zoom” in to get a improved shot yet regulating digital zoom, that lowers quality. Meanwhile, Samsung has a same 12MP rear-facing sensor it used final year. You would consider OP had an advantage here, yet no.


Galaxy S8 camera.

OnePlus uses assertive program estimate of images, that tends to fuzz glorious details. You unequivocally can’t stand photos during all since of this. The wizz lens is also not used in low light since of a slight aperture. Instead, a phone uses a categorical sensor with digital zoom. There’s no denote in a program that’s what’s happening, though.

The Galaxy S8 usually has one rear-facing camera, yet it’s fantastic. Focus is lightning fast, images are crisp, and HDR is robust. It can take images in low light that put many other inclination to shame. The OnePlus 5 takes improved photos than other sub-$500 phones, yet it can’t hold a Galaxy S8.


Both phones run Nougat, yet a character and facilities are radically different. Samsung has a TouchWiz UI, that has altered a lot over a years. It used to be clunk and ugly, yet it’s been streamlined. The character is light and consistent, yet there are still a lot of facilities congested in there. And it can get a bit indolent during times.

OnePlus uses a possess OxygenOS ROM, that is really tighten to batch Android. It includes some cold extras like gestures, a dim UI mode, and several standing bar tweaks. The genuine advantage to OxygenOS is that it’s quick and clean. There are a few some-more bugs right now than I’d pattern on prolongation software, yet they’re teenager things.

While Samsung’s complicated Android program isn’t bad, OnePlus’ chronicle of Android is better. If it can get those final bugs ironed out, it’s a genuine win.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a improved phone, yet it’s not as many of a blowout as we competence have thought. Samsung has transparent wins when it comes to a arrangement and camera, yet a OnePlus 5 is faster and has improved software. The hardware pattern is a bit of a toss-up depending on what we like. The GS8 is a pleasing phone, yet a OP5 is a bit some-more understated.

The OnePlus 5 is an unbarred GSM/LTE phone, so it won’t work on Verizon or Sprint. At $479 for a 64GB/6GB RAM mode, it’s an glorious value. However, we have to compensate it all during once. The Galaxy S8 costs around $750, yet we can compensate monthly by a carrier. If we don’t mind creation a few sacrifices, a OnePlus 5 could offer we roughly as good as a Galaxy S8.

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