Samsung Galaxy S8’s much-delayed underline could FINALLY launch tomorrow

Samsung Galaxy S8 launched in a UK but a new voice assistant, Bixby.

Despite a South Korean association including a dedicated hardware symbol (on a left hand-side of a device, next a volume rocker) for a new AI assistant, a underline missed a recover date.

Bixby did launch in Korea in time for a launch of a new smartphone, however, Samsung has struggled to move a partner to other markers around a world.

Months have upheld given a recover date, and English-speaking phone owners have nonetheless to hear a AS partner speak-up.

However, that could be about to change.

According to a uninformed trickle from a South Korean company, common on Reddit by a user identified usually as “Bixbyguy”, a voice-activated AI will launch on Jul 18th 2017.

The Reddit post also contained a screenshot from what appears to be an inner email, with information about how to marketplace a phone regulating Bixby as a feature, lending faith to a authenticity.

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