Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Receives Unofficial Port of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ROM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has just been released a few days back, yet it’s notable in a program department for being a one and usually Samsung phone to run Android 7.1.1 out of a box. Samsung’s Nougat refurbish rollout has been conspicuous for skipping Nougat’s upkeep release, Android 7.1, wholly on their device lineup. Those who would like to have Android 7.1.1 on their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are in luck, though, as a Note 8 firmware has been successfully ported to both of these phones.

This port, dubbed “Renovate Ice Note 8”, has been expelled by XDA Recognized Developer mwilky. Aside from bringing over Android 7.1.1 to a Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+, it also brings in flattering many all new apps and facilities from a Galaxy Note 8 – solely for a S-Pen stuff, of course. As it’s a initial release, many of a Renovate Ice disdainful facilities combined by a developer will be combined in after releases. For now, this is a initial semi-stable Note 8 pier expelled for a Galaxy S8 line, done probable interjection to both phones carrying roughly matching specifications right down to a SoC. The ROM also brings some tradition tidbits like a Notorious Kernel (built from latest N950F sources) and a tweaks app that allows we to change lots of things inside a OS.

It’s still noted as a beta, so if we wish to implement it on your device, we should know that it might and many substantially will enclose some bugs here and there. However, we should contend that it is indeed a conspicuous initial release. If we wish to try it out on your device, conduct over to a central thread, download it, and peep it on your device. This is only one of many Samsung Experience-based tradition ROMs, so if we wish to give your device your possess touch, conduct over to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ forums!

Thanks to XDA Senior Member farovitus for reaching out and editing a mistake in a article!

Download a Renovate Ice Note 8 ROM for a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

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