Samsung Galaxy S9 second opinion review: A battery brief of perfection

Lastly, there’s a matter of battery life. It’s not great. There’s no approach around it. The Galaxy S9 houses a 3000mAh battery inside — a same ability as final year’s Galaxy S8 — and as customarily a case, we would’ve happily traded some of a phone’s thinness divided for a incomparable battery.

With a customary bucket of amicable media apps, work apps like Slack and Trello, and some Spotify streaming to Bluetooth devices, we can get by on a infrequent day with light use — say, 2.5 to 3 hours of screen-on time — though many some-more than that will have my phone in a red by a evening. Depending on your usage, we could see improved formula than we did, though if you’re frequency in tighten vicinity to a charger, this competence not be a right phone for you.

Thankfully, a Galaxy S9 is still discerning to assign by possibly a wire or a quick wireless charger. Strangely, it usually supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 standard, rather than a newer Quick Charge 4 like a Razer Phone, though it during slightest has USB-C Power Delivery in a place. From a entirely depleted battery, we can design a Galaxy S9 to take only over 1.5 hours to strech a full assign by a cable, and about 2.5 hours regulating a wireless horse like Samsung’s possess automobile quick charger.

the bottom line

Should we buy a Galaxy S9? Yes

Despite a less-than-stellar endurance, a Galaxy S9 reminds us because Samsung stays a tack in a Android lineup each year. It refines all of a Galaxy S8’s accomplishments and improves on a flaws, wise roughly each title underline possible into a phone that’s straightforwardly accessible opposite all carriers though costing an arm and a leg compared to matching alternatives. With a Galaxy S9, we don’t have to select between a good camera and a headphone jack, or between tiny bezels and stereo speakers. It’s a jack of all trades that only does all right, so prolonged as we don’t need two-day battery life.

If we cite a incomparable phone, a Galaxy S9+ is still a improved choice for you; you’ll suffer (slightly) improved battery life, a bigger screen, a dedicated wizz lens on a back, and an differently matching experience. For everybody else, it’s tough to consider of many reasons not to suggest a Galaxy S9. It might not be a many sparkling phone around anymore, though it offers something for everybody, and leaves small to be desired.

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