Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Pixel 2


With news from MWC entrance thick and faster over a past week, we’ve been removing a hands on all a new models and saying how they smoke-stack adult to their biggest rivals.

So with that in mind we’re going to see how a newly announced Samsung Galaxy S9 looks subsequent to a Pixel 2.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available to pre-order now and will recover on a 16th of Mar this year. Pre-ordering will concede we to get a phone a week progressing on a 9th of March.

The customary S9 will set we behind £739/$719 while a S9+ costing £869/$839. The S9 while is almost some-more costly than a bottom model, it will underline a bigger screen, twin cameras, a incomparable battery and increasing storage.

The Pixel 2 is on sale for £629/$599 for a 64GB indication and £729/$779 for a 128GB version.

Design and Build

The S9 has been described as an ‘incremental’ ascent from a S8, so on a pattern and build front there isn’t most to say. You could upset a twin phones during a glance.

The bezels on a face are somewhat smaller, though detached from that it’s flattering matching to a S8 – you’ll have to spin a phone around and demeanour during a behind for a apparent differences.

The twin cameras are a immeasurable giveaway, and a chain of a fingerprint scanner that has shifted next a camera.

The Pixel 2 does onslaught when compared to a S9 in a looks department, a front of a phone contains some unequivocally immeasurable bezels. These do residence stereo front confronting speakers that give good sound quality, though do make a phone demeanour a small inexpensive in comparison to Samsung’s flagship.

The build on both phones is excellent, as we would pattern when interruption with a best partial of £1,000 for a device. They both feel like solid, reward products – though a S9 positively wins out in a looks department.


The shade on a S9 measures during 5.8in, while on a S9+ boasts a 6.2in display.

Quad HD+ fortitude creates all on a shade demeanour beautiful and crisp, with a colours popping out brightly interjection to a SuperAMOLED technology.

The Pixel 2 shade is 5in high, with a XL chronicle being 5.8inc.

The shade is an OLED with 1920 x 1080 fortitude and 441ppi. The shade looks great, with a 2 XL charity a aloft fortitude arrangement as well. They unequivocally do mount out among smartphones and are beaten usually by, we guessed it, a panels found on Samsung’s phones.

However, it’s always critical to keep a cost in mind here as a S9 is about 30% some-more expensive. There is value in that additional 30%, though it’s apparently biased in it’s significance to we personally.

Processor, memory and storage

Both a S9 and a S9+ are powered by a new Exynos 8910. The octa-core chip is also receiving a strike in speed with a faster 4 cores ramping adult to 2.7 GHz. However, a US and Chinese markets will get an S9+ with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

The S9 will underline 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inner storage, while a S9+ gets a brawny 6GB of RAM and 128GB of inner storage.

Both phones will be means to enhance their storage ability adult to 400GB around a microSD container as well.

The Pixel 2 facilities a Snapdragon 835, a favourite from final year, including 4GB of RAM and a 64GB of inner storage that we can also enhance with a microSD.

Both of these phones are going to have peppery opening possibly way, so unless you’re perplexing to remotely control a spaceship, you’re not going to come into any issues with speed and performance.


As growth in other areas of smartphone record starts to delayed down, we’re saying a whole lot of courtesy put on improving a cameras, and a S9 positively doesn’t defect here.

The S9 still facilities a Super Speed Dual Pixel camera that is still 12Mp. However, it has a automatic orifice like a dedicated DSLR. This will automatically adjust between f/2.4 down to f/1.5 depending on how most light is accessible to a sensor.

The S9+ comes with a second lens that isn’t benefaction on a unchanging model. This additional lens is a 13Mp telephoto with an f/2.4. Both of these cameras have visual picture stabilisation that allows for a lot of flexibility in your print and video taking.

The S9+ can also record in super delayed motion, during 960fps during 720p.

The camera on a Pixel 2 is fantastic, and a immeasurable alleviation on a already shining Pixel. Both a Pixel 2 and a 2 XL underline a same camera, so we won’t have to buy a bigger phone to get a best out of a camera, that is a good change.

The Pixel 2 sports a singular 12.2Mp sensor with f/1.8 and visual picture stabilisation, and can record 4k video during 30 FPS.


The S9 facilities Android 8 Oreo, a latest chronicle of Google’s mobile handling system. Samsung has it’s possess turn on it as ever, though still it’s usually tweaks from a interface and functionality found on a S8.

The program is where a Pixel 2 unequivocally shines. It also contains Android 8 Oreo out of a box, and a functionality of a whole phone is lighting quick and unequivocally intuitive. The ubiquitous pattern of a phone is explanation of Google’s entrance to immeasurable volume of information that they’ve put to good work. They know accurately how to pattern something to be super efficient, user accessible and make it seem free during a same time.

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