Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: So What’s Different?

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Samsung is touting a Galaxy S9 smartphone as a vital reinvention. Mind you, it pronounced a same thing about a Galaxy S8 and a Galaxy S7 before that. That’s a questionable volume of reinventing going on, vital or otherwise.

So usually how opposite is Samsung’s stream flagship compared to a predecessor? Is it value a upgrade? Here are a specifications so we can decider for yourself.

The following infographic was put together by er, Samsung. Normally that would be rarely dubious. However, saying as it’s usually comparing specifications, a whole thing is flattering objective.

As we can see, many of a S9’s hardware components are identical to a S8: they both have a same 5.8-inch Infinity Display, 4GB RAM, IP68 H2O insurgency and 3000mAh battery. However, a S9 does come with some poignant changes underneath a hood, including a totally revamped camera, modernized confidence biometrics and all a improvements that come with a latest versions of Android and Bixby.

If you’re after new specs and features, a incomparable S9+ indication provides a many poignant changes, quite in a areas of detailed outlay and memory. Is it a must-have ascent for owners of a S8 or Note8? Nope. But if you’re still clasping onto a Galaxy indication from dual or 3 years ago, this is a handset to get.

You can see a full outline of selection changes below.

Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+: Australian Pricing, Specs And Availability

It feels like it was usually a few months ago that Samsung denounced a Galaxy Note8 smartphone. That’s since it was usually a few months ago. Nevertheless, a new flagship from Samsung is always means for excitement, and a S9 and S9+ are looking flattering damn excellent indeed. Here are a specifications for both phones, along with Australian pricing and specifications.

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