Samsung is removing absolved of Call Stickers on a Galaxy S8 and other devices

Some of we might have beheld stickers cocktail adult when job someone from a Galaxy S8. It’s a underline Samsung refers to as Call Stickers and it was introduced with a Galaxy S8 and a Galaxy S8+. They would come adult if we called a hit who also had possibly flagship and both of we had Profile Sharing enabled in a Contacts app.

With Calls Stickers we could decrease calls by promulgation a chairman a plaque or even send stickers during calls. The underline done small clarity detached from appearing as an bid by Samsung to daub into a augmenting emoji and sticker-heavy amicable media preferences of users.

Call Stickers on a Galaxy S8

However, it appears that a underline hasn’t been used as widely as a association would have hoped. We hear that Samsung is shutting down Call Stickers on a Galaxy S8 and other concordant inclination given not a lot of people are regulating this feature. Samsung will shortly start notifying users that it will close down Call Stickers over a subsequent integrate of months.

It will not be probable to use a underline after Dec 17, 2018 if a Phone app has been updated on inclination using Android Oreo and Nougat. If a Phone app has not been updated on these versions, users will be means to decrease calls with a plaque even after a cutoff date.

The association sole Call Stickers alone as well. Those who purchased them by Galaxy Apps will be means to ask remuneration for their purchase. It already stopped new sales of Call Stickers given Jun this year

Did we ever use this underline or are we only anticipating out about it now?

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