Samsung is releasing a Pirates of a Caribbean themed Galaxy S8 that comes in a plunder chest

For some reason, Samsung is releasing a Pirates of The Caribbeanthemed Galaxy S8. Spec-wise, a phone isn’t any opposite than a customary Galaxy S8, save for a imagination box, some wallpaper, and a case. But when Disney is perplexing to make a film with a $230 million bill a success… well, this is what we get.

Photo: Samsung

The phone, that is now on sale during, usually comes in a 4GB of RAM + 64GB of storage version, and retails for $880. It also comes with a special phone ring holder.

Honestly, there’s no reason to buy this. But if we are a outrageous Johnny Depp fan (or, some-more likely, Johnny Depp himself) your dreams of a Pirates of a Caribbeanthemed cellphone box and wallpaper can be fulfilled. Or we could only go to a flea market, buy a knockoff case, and wait until someone uploads a wallpaper to Reddit and save approximately $870.

Your call.

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