Samsung releases second Galaxy S8 Oreo beta firmware with new facilities and improvements

Samsung started rolling out a Android 8.0 Oreo beta module for a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus usually final week, introducing a latest Android module to a flagship phones. This facilities Samsung’s Experience 9.0 user interface and gives name users in a US, UK, and South Korea, a possibility to play with an early chronicle of Oreo before a final module arrives in a subsequent few months.

Now, Samsung is rolling out a second Oreo beta firmware in a UK. The firmware comes with chronicle series G950FXXU1ZQK4, reports Sam Mobile, and brings with it several new facilities and improvements.

According to a changelog, a Samsung Launcher and Samsung DeX interface should be some-more fast with a latest build, while new time themes have been done accessible for a Always On display.

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Meanwhile, users can also now adjust a clarity of a notifications to fit their preference, and Samsung’s Smart View has been upgraded to let your smartphone arrangement go dim when you’re mirroring it on a TV — something that should be accessible for those who use a feature.

These improvements arrive alongside a Oct confidence patches, and many bugs have also been fixed, as we competence expect, given a initial beta.

To get Oreo on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you’ll need to pointer adult for a beta module around a Samsung Members or Samsung+ app, though note that it’s usually open to Sprint, T-Mobile and unbarred users in a US.

Since a new firmware is out in a UK, it should be nearing Stateside shortly. It indeed might have started seeding already: let us know in a comments if you’ve seen it!

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