Samsung reportedly formulation imperishable Galaxy S8 for AT&T

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a good looking smartphone — it’s also lonesome wholly in really scratchable glass. So it’s no warn to hear that Samsung is building a imperishable chronicle of a phone for people who’d rather not worrying about ruinous it.

SamMobile reports that a Galaxy S8 Active is in a works and will expected be an ATT exclusive. There aren’t many sum over that, nonetheless a site says Samsung’s codename for a phone various is “Cruiser,” that during a really slightest sounds kind of tough.

Samsung has been putting out “Active” variants of a tip Galaxy phones for years now, nonetheless there have been adequate changes between a S7 and S8 that there’s some doubt as to what it’ll demeanour like.

Previous Active phones have had 3 earthy front buttons, nonetheless that might not be a box this year given Samsung switched to on-screen controls. We’ve also never seen a imperishable phone with a winding shade before. It’s wholly probable Samsung will switch to a prosaic shade for a Active model, nonetheless that would make for a really opposite looking device.

Of course, Samsung’s Active models have always stood detached from a phones they’re formed on, customarily to tackier results. The phones mostly finish adult with camo backing, like this:

Samsung did make plainer models of the S7 Active, though, so it’s probable there’ll be alternatives this year for people who wish a easier look.

While there aren’t sum nonetheless on what Samsung will do to strengthen a S8, a S7 Active’s pivotal additions were a “shatter-resistant” shade and a incomparable battery. Samsung also combined dirt resistance, on tip of a phone’s existent waterproofing.

SamMobile doesn’t know what timing Samsung is looking during for a S8 Active’s release, nonetheless it points out that in a past, Active models have launched in June. They’ve prolonged been ATT exclusives, too, and it seems like that isn’t going to change.

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