Samsung takes 6 months to refurbish to Android 9 Pie

The Galaxy S9 camera camera assembly.

This week, Samsung is finally updating a flagship inclination to a latest chronicle of Android, Android 9 Pie. The US versions of a Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 have both been removing Android 9 Pie updates opposite a several device/carrier combos. So far, we’ve seen reports of a Galaxy S9 and S9+ removing updated on Verizon, Sprint, and ATT, while a Note 9 on ATT has also been updated. We’re certain some-more device/carrier combos will start trickling in over a subsequent few days.

Samsung is still really delayed during shipping Android updates. Android 9 Pie came out August 6, so Samsung is about 6 months late with a update. That’s intensely uncompetitive compared to inclination like a Google Pixel or a Essential Phone, that both got Android 9 Pie on day one. It’s also flattering annoying to review Samsung’s refurbish speed to HMD’s Nokia phones. $270 Nokia inclination get updated in about 3 months, while Samsung’s $1,000 smartphone has to wait twice that long. The good news this year is that this is during slightest a stream chronicle of Android. Last year, Samsung updated a Galaxy S8 to Android 8.0 while other phones were on Android 8.1. we would call this a feat for Samsung—finally being on a latest chronicle of Android—but a conditions is substantially due to a fact that we never got a .1 recover for Android 9, so a 9.0 recover is flattering aged during this point.

Android 9 Pie brings a series of improvements to Android, nonetheless with Samsung’s need to rebrand and reskin a Android UI, not all of them have done a burst to Samsung devices. According to Verizon’s refurbish bulletin, you’ll still get facilities like Adaptive Battery—an AI-powered trade controller for app energy use (which indeed works!)—the new AI-powered liughtness controls, and gesticulate navigation. Android 9 Pie came with a large UI revamp of Android, and Samsung is job a reskin of this UI a “One UI.” They’ve all been overwhelmed by a palm of Samsung, though we still get new Pie UI facilities like a horizontal Recent Apps screen and notification row improvements.

Samsung users looking for a refurbish should conduct to Settings System Updates Check for refurbish and wish your phone pulls a refurbish down.

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