Samsung updates a Galaxy S8 to a less-old chronicle of Android

While Samsung’s newest flagship, a Galaxy S9, is usually attack a market, final year’s flagship, a Galaxy S8, is removing some love, too. Samsung and a US conduit partners are finally upgrading a Galaxy S8 to Android 8.0 Oreo, a chronicle of a OS that came out 6 months ago.

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all pulling out a refurbish now, with no word nonetheless on updates for a ATT or unbarred US version.

Most of Google’s engineering efforts on Android 8.0 came in a form of Project Treble, a large renovate of a underlying Android pieces to modularize a OS divided from a hardware, that should lead to easier updates. Due to a complexity of this change, a refurbish is mostly meant for new inclination that were built with Oreo in mind, and it’s not entrance to many upgrading phones. The rest of a changes are nice-to-have things like a revamped presentation hierarchy and a lockdown on credentials processing.

From Samsung’s side of things, you’ll be upgraded to a company’s “Samsung Experience 9.0” Android skin, a same program package that ships on a Galaxy S9. This brings a few other goodies like a new keyboard and some-more close shade customization.

Of course, this still isn’t a latest chronicle of Android, and it usually brings a Galaxy S8 from dual versions behind a latest recover to one chronicle behind. Android 8.1, a newest version, came out in December.

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