Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a some-more tedious S8

As with a final several generations of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, it appears that a S8 is removing a imperishable “Active” variant, with a incomparable battery and a thicker, some-more durable design. Over a weekend, pictures of a arriving smartphone leaked out on Reddit (via 9to5Google), giving us a demeanour during what a S8 Active will demeanour like.

From a hardware perspective, a S8 Active is roughly matching to a unchanging S8, with a same Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and cameras. But in a name of ruggedizing a device, Samsung seems to have sacrificed a best partial of a strange S8: a implausible design.

Image: nique0201 (Reddit)

Instead of a edge-to-edge Infinity Display that’s turn a many iconic partial of a S8, a S8 Active will have a traditional, uncurved display, with some flattering corpulent bezels on a sides to boot. Additionally, where past Active inclination had a re-mappable “Active” symbol for discerning shortcuts, a S8 Active will have a locked-down Bixby symbol instead.

There are a few perks to a S8 Active, though: a imperishable device has a troops customary acceptance and offers a incomparable 4,000mAh battery, both of that should be useful if you’re a arrange of chairman looking into shopping a imperishable smartphone. Like prior Galaxy Active variants, a S8 Active is pronounced to be an ATT exclusive, nonetheless there’s still no information on pricing or recover date.

Image: nique0201 (Reddit)

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