Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a imperishable LG G6

It’s removing tighten to a time of year when Samsung customarily introduces a imperishable chronicle of a latest Galaxy S smartphone. And a new trickle from a Wireless Power Consortium reveals a lot about what a S8 Active is going to demeanour like.

It’s customarily a singular photo, though a picture lets us know 3 pivotal things about a S8 Active. First, a display: a S8 Active won’t have winding edges, like the unchanging S8.

The big question this year was what Samsung designed to do about a screen, given winding potion may be some-more receptive to cracking, and Samsung seems to have motionless a best choice was to get absolved of it altogether. Instead, a S8 Active has a flattened out demeanour though retains a S8’s dull corners, creation a front of a phone look a lot like LG’s G6.

Samsung seems to have finished a bezels a small bit incomparable on a S8 Active, quite on a sides. But overall, a front of a phone still seems to get sincerely tighten to a scarcely all-screen demeanour of tangible S8.

The second thing this print shows is that Samsung isn’t putting buttons behind on a front of a phone. That’s not indispensably a outrageous surprise, though it’ll make a device a bit harder to hoop when wet, given owners will be relying on a touchscreen.

And finally, this print reveals a bit of what Samsung is doing to make a phone rugged. All 4 of a corners strike out, suggesting they’ve been reinforced to catch startle should a phone get dropped; it looks a lot like what Samsung has finished in a past. We still don’t know accurately how massive a Active indication will look, though recent models have avoided feeling corpulent — they’re only not noticeably skinny like a categorical model.

One other thing we don’t know: if Samsung will put camo on a behind of this thing.

Galaxy S7 Active

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung’s Active phones customarily embody bigger batteries, shatter-resistant screens, and dust- and water-proofing. They’re also customarily disdainful to ATT and announced in June, so we should hear some-more soon.

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