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NEW YORK (AP) — Samsung seemed to be play it protected —at slightest with a battery — as it denounced a initial vital smartphone given a annoying remember of a fire-prone Note 7.

The Galaxy S8 will come in dual sizes, both bigger than allied models from final year. To maximize arrangement space, there’s no some-more earthy home button. The S8 also sports a voice partner dictated to opposition Siri and Google Assistant.

But battery ability isn’t increasing, notwithstanding a incomparable sizes, definition some-more respirating room for a battery. Samsung had pushed a engineering pouch with a Note 7 battery, that contributed to extemporaneous combustions. That remember cost Samsung during slightest $5.3 billion. Though many business sojourn loyal, any serve misstep could infer fatal.

The phone, announced Wednesday in New York, will come out Apr 21. The standard-size S8 will cost about $750 and a incomparable S8 Plus about $850 — both about $100 some-more than allied iPhones and opposition Android phones.

“That’s a large gamble that a phones will clear a aloft price, since it could have used these new phones as a approach to expostulate aloft sales after a integrate of years of stagnation,” pronounced Jan Dawson, an researcher with Jackdaw Research.


Samsung has blamed a Note 7 fires on churned pattern and production defects in a batteries. Inspectors resolved some of a batteries were too tiny for their capacity, putting vigour on a inner structure.

The association says phones will now go by churned inspections, including X-rays and highlight tests during impassioned temperatures. And Samsung no longer is perplexing to fist a lot of battery energy in a tiny space. The S8 Plus model, for instance, has 3 percent reduction battery energy than a Galaxy S7 Edge, though a phone itself is 12 percent larger.


The S8 phone’s arrangement measures 5.8 inches diagonally, compared with 5.1 inches on a S7. The S8 Plus will be 6.2 inches, compared with S7 Edge’s 5.5 inches and a Note 7’s 5.7 inches. Samsung is removing absolved of a “Edge” eminence and bringing winding sides to all S8 phones.

Samsung has also done it easier to demeanour during apps though scrolling as much. It lengthened a shade by minimizing a frame, or bezel, surrounding a display; left is a plane frame with a home symbol during a bottom. Instead, Samsung is embedding a practical home symbol in a arrangement and relocating a fingerprint sensor to a back.


Samsung claims a new voice assistant, Bixby, will do most some-more than rivals from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. For one thing, Samsung says Bixby will be means to hoop any smartphone charge now managed by touch. When observation a photo, usually contend “send this to Bob” to lift adult messaging options and hit information for a Bobs we know. Bixby will also offer information on books, booze and other products scanned with a phone’s camera.

But there’s a vital caveat: Bixby will work usually with comparison Samsung apps, including a print gallery and messages, along with Google Play Music. Other apps will be means to adopt Bixby, though Samsung has had a churned lane record in removing other companies to support a home-brewed function.

“I consider a code will onslaught to contest in a longer tenure with a broader digital ecosystems from Google, Amazon or Apple,” Forrester researcher Thomas Husson said.

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