Samsung’s Note 8 might demeanour only like a Galaxy S8

Samsung will recover a Galaxy Note 8, that most is on a record. If you’re wondering what a phone will demeanour like, we competence only need to take a demeanour during the Galaxy S8.

Video of what claims to be a Note 8 arrangement row seemed online recently on Chinese amicable network Weibo (via Slashleaks). Since CNET can't exclusively endorse that a arrangement belongs to a Note 8, it’s still best to take this gossip with a pellet of salt.

The takeaways? The arrangement row in a video looks a whole lot like a display panel of a S8. It’s tough to tell given a video doesn’t give us most scale, though it looks like a purported row is a small bit wider and taller than a S8 with a edges somewhat reduction rounded. Rumors say that a Note 8 could be 6.4-inches, that would make it somewhat bigger than a Galaxy S8 Plus (6.2-inches).

The pattern similarities shouldn’t be too surprising. When a Galaxy S8 released, Samsung focused a lot of attention on a new “Infinity Display,” that is a shrunken-bezel demeanour that separates it from prior a company’s phones like a Galaxy S7. What this trickle suggests is that a Note 8 could also adopt a Infinity Display design, and that Samsung competence not extent it to be disdainful to a S8. After all, a Note line is Samsung’s reward flagship line, and what says “premium smartphone” like a large pleasing display?

The Note 8 also has a charge of correct buyer’s trust after a predecessor, a Note 7, was recalled twice due to inadequate bursting batteries. After that debacle, Samsung needs to container this new phone with facilities as it works to correct a repairs to a product line.

The Note 8 will reportedly hit in August, approximately one year after a recover of a Note 7. Stay tuned to CNET as we get closer to a phone’s release, or check out the Note 8 gossip roundup here.

Samsung declined to criticism on this story.

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