September Security refurbish for Nokia 5 & 6 rolling out now. [List of Markets]

Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 have started receiving a Sep Android Security refurbish in some markets including India. The refurbish usually brings a confidence patch. For all program refurbish news associated to other Nokia smartphones click here.

On a basement of tips perceived from a readers, we will collect a list of markets and a Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 variants for that Sep Security refurbish is now available. So, do let us know if we have perceived a refurbish in a comments section.

List of markets where it is available:

  • In India TA-1021 Nokia 6
  • In India TA-1053 Nokia 5
  • In Macedonia TA-1024 Nokia 5
  • In Russia Nokia 5
  • In Romania TA-1021 Nokia 6
  • In Tunisia TA-1053 Nokia 5

How to refurbish refurbish size:

You will possibly be stirred to download this refurbish or we can check by going to Settings and acid complement updates and afterwards by checking for a update.

The Nokia 6 refurbish is around 104.0 MB in distance and we need to be on WiFi to download and implement it.

The Nokia 5 refurbish is around 98.7 MB in distance and we need to be on WiFi to download and implement it.

Nokia 5 6 Sep Security refurbish changelog:

The changelog mentions Sep Android Security refurbish only. The Sep Android Security refurbish brings fix for many confidence issues. The many serious of these issues is a vicious confidence disadvantage in Media horizon that could capacitate a remote assailant regulating a specifically crafted record to govern capricious formula within a context of a absolved process.

Read a complete sum of Sep Security refurbish here.

HMD has been quite unchanging in terms of releasing Monthly Security updates and OS updates for Nokia smartphones already accessible in a market. HMD has also done it transparent that all Nokia Android Phones will accept minimum two years of OS refurbish support.

Thanks Shubham, Nassim, Yogesh, Mirsad, Cristian, MOFT, Ishan and many others for a tip screenshots. Cheers!!

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