Several Android Nougat Users Facing Google Drive Sync Issue for …

Several Android users now using Nougat on their smartphones are angry about an emanate that stops Drive sync for phone backups. There have been mixed complaints about a emanate on Google Drive Help forum as good as other platforms like Nexus forum in final few months. Google has finally concurred a emanate and betrothed an refurbish this month.

It’s clear that a Google Drive sync emanate is not a device specific and is positively not a Nexus or Pixel issue. On several forums, users have reported a emanate on opposite Android-based inclination where a “Back adult to Google Drive” choice shows ‘Disabled by your admin’. The initial news surfaced behind in Jul this year where user attempted several proxy fixes including stealing sell account, stealing Gmail account, disabling Gmail app, and clearing credentials.

Google Drive Support group responded to one of a users who complained about a issue, and said, “We would like to let we know that we recently given an refurbish from a Android team. The blunder that we are encountering is indeed being displayed by collision for some Android Nougat users. I’d like to assure we that a messaging has no outcome on your information being corroborated adult to Google Drive. The standing of backup being on or off is rightly prisoner in a initial ‘Backup Reset’ screen, and can be tranquil by a user.”

The group also betrothed an refurbish this month. “For now, we can safely omit a blunder summary until a repair is rolled out by a Android group that should be around Oct 2017,” a group added. We can design Google to hurl out a repair to Drive sync emanate by finish of Oct and can advise Nougat users confronting a emanate to keep an eye out.

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