Should we Use a Apple Homepod as a Speaker for my Apple TV 4K?

HomePod uses approach and ambient audio beamforming for room-filling sound

It’s tiny though mighty. A singular HomePod can, indeed, fill your vital room with a sound of explosions, flourishing violins, contrary swords, or whatever else you’re looking for. The beamforming array creates it so that we can hear things during about a same turn anywhere in a room.

The peculiarity is stellar. The initial time we watched Star Wars with my Apple TV connected to my HomePod, we shivered. It’s got a strong drum turn and well-rounded mids and highs.

HomePod does support singular Siri controls on your Apple TV, too. You can ask Siri to pause, play, skip ahead, or rewind. However, there are limitations. You can’t ask Siri on HomePod to start personification a film or suggest something to watch, though it will respond to any ask for playback controls and even play subtitles for 10 seconds if we say, “Hey Siri, what did he say?” while examination something.

It’s critical to indicate out that HomePod usually connects to AirPlay upheld devices, so until radio sets, DVD players, and gaming consoles support AirPlay, your HomePod won’t bond to them.

Two HomePods are improved than one

Though a singular HomePod is room-filling, we fast detected usually how most improved dual HomePods are. Thanks to AirPlay 2, we can organisation your HomePod twin on Apple TV so they can be used as loyal left-right orator channels. I’ll tell we what, zero is cooler than conference a uncanny creaking sound entrance from a right side of a room that we didn’t comprehend was partial of a film since it usually came out of one speaker.

Because of a extraordinary record of a beamforming array, both HomePod speakers send out audio waves around a room in equal parts. While a singular HomePod fills a room, dual HomePods unequivocally fill it. It’s not usually louder either. It spreads a sound out opposite a room improved so that anywhere we sit, you’re conference a volume during a same level. Plus we can knowledge a facilities of left-right sound.

Yes, dual HomePods are really improved than one.

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