Should You Purchase USB-C Headphones for Your Pixel 2?

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The Pixel 2, like a competition, has ditched a headphone jack, opting to embody a singular USB-C pier on a bottom. While it creates waterproofing a device many easier, it restricts a kinds of accessories we can bond to your smartphone. Specifically, each span of headphones we have ever owned, along with anything else depending on a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. You could, of course, dump some money on Google’s possess Pixel Buds, designed with their smartphone in mind. Or, we could get some USB-C headphones. Here’s what we should cruise before pulling out your wallet: many USB-C headphones are expensive. The ones that aren’t pricey? Well, they’re only not that great.

Good USB-C Headphones Will Cost You

If you’re passed set on shopping connected USB-C headphones, removing some peculiarity ones won’t be as easy as picking adult a span in a airfield vending machine. A discerning hunt on Amazon for “USB-C headphones” yields a ton of devices, trimming from $20 to $50, from some-more than a few think brands (I don’t know about you, though I’ve never listened of “Sunwe” in my life). What’s worse, many of them are ill-equipped, lacking simple facilities like a built-in microphone. They’re not well-reviewed either, serve augmenting my doubt of their audio quality.

If we wish something some-more familiar, we can demeanour to companies like Libratone, though you’ll be profitable $149 for a payoff of carrying a concordant span of headphones from a some-more devoted brand. AIAIAI has a set of modular headphones, concordant with their possess USB-C cable, though during over $200, you’d improved be damn certain we wish to hear Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” by all 1.2 meters of wire.

How to Put Off Purchasing USB-C Headphones

Bluetooth Adapter

You can assuage a highlight of anticipating some good USB-C headphones by joining your stream headphones to a Bluetooth adapter. Companies like Griffin and Noble make clip-on Bluetooth adapters so we can continue to use your normal 3.5mm-equipped headphones, pairing them to your Pixel 2 (or whatever smartphone we own) while remaining mostly wireless. Just block your headphone’s 3.5mm cord into a clip-on adapter, afterwards span a adapter with your smartphone a same approach you’d span a set of wireless headphones. You can hang it in your pocket, shave it on your belt, and still be connected around Bluetooth.

USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter

If you’re still bending on your headphones, and don’t mind a approach tie to your device, we could always occupy a headphone adapter. Google sells a $9 USB-C to 3.5mm adapter that connects your connected cans to your imagination new smartphone. The dongle is a bit unmanageable (and incomparable than Apple’s possess Lightning to 3.5mm adapter for it’s iOS devices), though during slightest we can use your aged cans. Of course, when we need to assign your phone, you’ve got to mislay that adapter and use a USB-C handle (or buy an even some-more unmanageable headphone/charger adapter).

Some Good Bluetooth Headphones

Sure, we competence have some reservations on regulating Bluetooth headphones. You’ve got to span them, assign them, and understanding with a occasional hitch of division whenever you’re subsequent to a trade light or electronic walking channel sign. But they’re cheaper than ever, and some exaggerate some flattering good audio peculiarity for a price. One of a favorites in a office, the $59 Jabra Move Wireless, is inexpensive, boasts flattering good audio quality, and are some-more gentle than a connected USB-C options available.

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