Sideloading Pixel 3’s Google Photos app creates Top Shot work on Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are a standard dispatcher of all Android smartphones. Launched with a latest chronicle of Android, Android Pie, a Pixel 3 flagship twin move a latest and a best of Google’s program bravery to a masses. Google tends to launch these phones with exclusive new program features, and a same program facilities are afterwards rolled out gradually over a months to comparison Google devices. Even yet a comparison inclination might be entirely able of utilizing such features, an exclusivity duration acts as an combined inducement for intensity business for a newly launched devices.

One such disdainful underline is Top Shot. Top Shot takes a detonate of images rapidly, and afterwards utilizes appurtenance training to indicate out a best shot in a series. This best shot will customarily be instances where a theme is smiling, blinking and/or looking during a camera. This takes divided some of a vigour of timing a shot well, and gives some-more certainty to a finish user to indeed constraint useful and useable images. Combined with a glorious camera opening on a Pixel 3 flagship duo, a finish outcome is that Google has a rather constrained incentive.

Top Shot on a Google Pixel 3

But as it turns out, we can suffer Google’s Top Shot underline on your comparison Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL right now. As found out by Reddit users /u/FuegoInfinito and /u/rayw_reddit, we can activate and use this underline on a Pixel 2 by simply sideloading a Google Photos app from a Pixel 3. This is indeed a bizarre discovery, as a same Google Photos chronicle accessible publicly does not make Top Shot work on a Pixel 2 (and we are not doing any apk hacking here, either).

The Top Shot underline becomes accessible when browsing photos in a Google Photos app. You can perspective Top Shot samples taken with or though XDA Senior Member cstark’s modded Google Camera app. You might need to uninstall a updates to a Photos app as a Google Play Store might have updated a app with a aloft chronicle number, that would stop we from installing a apk from a Pixel 3. To clarify, we do not need to totally mislay a Photos focus from your Pixel 2, though we might mislay a updates to a app to concede seamless sideloading of a Pixel 3 Photos app.

Download a Pixel 3 Google Photos app by APKMirror

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