Silver Nokia 6 went on sale currently in China, aaand it’s gone

Following a few sell-outs of a HMD-made Nokia 6 in China, online tradesman has been formulation to make a china chronicle of a phone accessible for sale on Apr 11. Well, a phone went on sale, and both variants of a china Nokia 6 sole out shortly afterwards.

HMD is on a hurl with a new Nokia-branded Android smartphones. Given a strenuous direct and high pre-registration numbers in China, there is a lot of seductiveness in a new face of Nokia. At this rate, a Nokia 6 could be on a approach to turn a tellurian strike in 2017. It’ll be engaging to see how a smartphone does in other pivotal markets like a US and Europe.

Are we or others we know vehement for any of a arriving Android-powered Nokia devices?

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