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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — You’ve never seen a Nintendo wrestling diversion UWC before. Gamer and gourmet Stephan Reese hadn’t either, until he bought a opposite diversion from a former Nintendo worker final week who clearly had never overwhelmed it. Since then, Reese has been personification UWC nonstop.

“I got it in a mail and plugged it in and satisfied it was something we had never seen before, and we possess each North American Nintendo diversion so we was like, ‘I really know it’s not something we have on my shelf.’ This was a totally opposite game, totally opposite formula base, totally opposite developer, all was opposite about it,” Reese said.

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It’s opposite since a diversion was never released. It’s now Reese’s favorite Nintendo wrestling diversion since he says it plays faster and is some-more engaging. It facilities aged wrestling stars like Ric Flair.

“That it went all a approach by acquiescence and afterwards not expelled and nobody’s ever listened of it, that creates it well-developed even among games that hadn’t been expelled where we would see them in magazines beforehand,” Reese added.

Reese has been offering $10,000 by another gourmet to buy a diversion and not recover it, though he wants a open to be means to play UWC.

“I really wish to share it with a universe and only reckoning out how we wish to go about that is a subsequent square of that,” Reese said.

Eyewitness News reached out to Nintendo to find out because a diversion was never released, though they couldn’t be reached for comment.

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